Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Weel 1 Recap

Week 1 recap
50 units
New England ML ( won 5 units)
Eagles -3.5 ( won 5 units)
Dallas +3 ( lost 5 units)
Washington -4 ( lost 1 unit)
Total = won 4 units

ATS picks
5-11 ( beyond terrible)

Although the picks were terrible, I felt confident in the games I liked. I wish I acted upon the "sucker bet" in Seattle, and considered going with the colts and ravens as well. My record was terrible, however I was wrong with the games that I didn't know or didn't care about as much.

When I did my write up for the Patriots game, I said in the worse case scenerio Buffalo scores 17 and the Pats score 20. New England wins 19-17 ( worst case scenerio). I predicted the Eagles would win 34-10, they won 24-10 and I think my forecast was fair. I had Dallas winning 20-10, and they jumped out to a 10-0 lead but lost 24-10. I don't know what happened in the Dallas game, but I almost started the year off up a crisp 15 units.

I had the "less is more" mentality because week 1 is unpredictable. We saw the underdogs bark real loud this week, and we saw some considerable upsets. I like a lot of the public got hammered in week 1, with all those underdog upsets. You can't really be unhappy winning 4 units, but I just feel like I could have won about 20 if some things fell into place. When I tried to pick every game, I went a horrible 5-11, but I knew the games that I liked. I knew that the Seattle game was a sucker bet, I had a feeling about Atlanta, the Colts, and Ravens as well. I guess the only other hunch game I was considering was Denver but they lost. If I would have acted upon more of those hunches I could have won more. I bet a Unit on Washington because I can't stand them, and I was actually happy to watch them melt down. It was a small price to pay for happiness.

I think the key thing to remember, is to NOT trust your eyes too much. People will over react after seeing 1 week. It is impossible for people to erase some of these things out of their minds.

Early week 2 picks
Cincy -10 ( 2 units)
New England -6 ( 2 units)

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