Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I've had a number of emails asking if I was going to play anything. I didn't intend on playing any games but I changed my mind...

Miami -3 ( 1 unit)
Miami @ Detroit kicks off in half an hour. I'm taking the Dolphins -3 for 1 unit.

Detroit is terrible. They are 2-8, and are probably the worst managed team in football. The Lions lost to the other laughing stock franchise of the NFL last week, as the torch was passed on to them. Matt Millen is a horrible GM and ruined this franchise. Mike Williams can't even get on the field, as scotty Vines and Mike Furrey were getting PT over him these past 2 years.

Detroit started the year 0-5, then beat a weak buffalo team by 3, lost to the jets, beat an off Mike Vick, and then lost to San Fran and Arizona.

If you bet Miami and lose, you can live with it. If you bet Detroit and lose, then you just feel foolish ( how did I get tricked into betting on the lions?)

Miami has won 3 in a row. They beat Da bears, chiefs and minnesota. If you will remember Miami went on a run at the end of last year as well. I have a feeling that a lot of that has to do with Nick Saban. I still think he will be a good NFL coach, and I'd guess that a lot of their late season success has to do with his staffs preparation. When Daunte Fumblepepper left the team, they had just lost to Houston. Now the Fins have won 3 in a row and Joey looks to stick it to his old team.

A lot of people will bet on Detroit because " the Lions will play hard on thanksgiving". People feel that a win will be a pennance for their home fans. Don't you think Miami will play extra hard in front of that National audience as well?

Miami will also be juiced up for one of the biggest nationally televised games of the year. Thanksgiving is the few nationally televised games that EVERYBODY will watch. Florida teams don't fare well late in the season when they are on the road in the North. The Dolphins from florida are lucky they don't have to play in cold weather.

The Dolphins clearly have a better defense, and Mike Martz might just let his quarterback gunsling this game in front of the National audience. No Kevin Jones could equal no run game for Detroit. Mike Martz is the mad scientist that loves to pass, and all those passes could equal turnovers. Kitna might have to throw 40 times in this game. A lot of throws could equal a lot of yards, but it could also mean a few turnovers. Miami has the better D, and Joey has a lot to prove in his homecoming.

Go fins.

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