Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jason Campbell

The backup Quarterback is always the most popular guy on the team. As we learn people, we seem to focus on all of the positives. In realtionships, we might focus on our girlfriends pretty eyes, big butt, or warm smile. As time wears on, we might glaze over the positives and instead focus on her mood swings, bossy behavior, and nagging.

As football fans, we might love what the backup quarterback did in college, his big arm, and his mobility. Fans grow tired of the starting quarterbacks imperfections ( old girlfriend), and they start to be seduced by all of the backup quarterbacks positives. That is why the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy on the team. The backup quarterback is always what the starter isn't in theory. Theory and reality often differ.

Mark Brunell took over for Patrick Ramsey last year. Brunell is a 15 year vet that took his Jacksonville Jags one game short of the superbowl. He has had a successful career, making good decisions, and throwing on the run. Patrick Ramsey was chosen to run Steve Spurriers offense. Ramsey is tall, big, and has a strong arm. Bruell is more mobile and experienced than Ramsey. Ramsey would play pretty decent during stretches, but he would also make those costly interceptions.

I don't see much difference between Jason Campbell and Patrick Ramsey. It seems that all of Washington has been begging for Campbell for the whole season, and now they finally got their wish.

Doc Walker and Brian Mitchell ( former redskins) are now hosts of popular radio shows. It seems that everybody had the tune of " Put Campbell in because he has a stronger arm and gives us a better chance to win". Now that Campbell is in it seems their tone has changed. Now I hear " we understand he is young and will make some mistakes". You can't have it both ways. You either want Campbell in because he is better, or want Campbell in because your season is done and you want the kid to get some experience.

I've heard all sorts of stuff on the radio. Some people said that Campbell should play because he is more mobile ( that is not true). The redskins fans have offered up every possible excuse to let Campbell play. It just seems Brunell got all of the blame for the redskins shortcomings. Now that Campbell is the starter, people are already making excuses for him before hand.

Whether I am right or wrong, I will give you my opinion. I think Campbell will be no better than a Patrick Ramsey. Just look at all the commentary on Campbell, and you can easily replace his name with Ramsey. I think the Ramsey and Campbell scouting reports are copied and pasted... Tall, strong, strong arm, southern flair. We all know how Ramsey turned out.

Everybody is in love with Campbell now, but even John Thompson pointed out that his deliver is a little bit unorthadox looking. Campbell is tall, with a strong arm, but he will have the same problems Brunell had. I wasn't too impressed with Campbell at Auburn, and he had the best backfield in college football history with Cadallac Williams and Ronnie Brown.

Comparing Campbell to Ramsey is just so simple for me. It's right there and nobody can say a bad word about Campbell. Campbell is on that "honeymoon" phase right now, and Brunell is a tired act. People get emotional and sometimes can't seperate facts from emotion. Just like when the redskins win, people automatically say " they played great", where as when they lose " they didn't show up today". The redskins won the Dallas game on a Dallas missed 35 yard field goal. People were talking about how " the skins showed up". If Vandercrack would have MADE the 35 yard field goal, those same casual fans would have talked about how the redskins stunk all game.

I can and will admit if I am wrong, but I don't see Jason Campbell being anything special.

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