Sunday, November 05, 2006

NY Giants and New England Patriots futures...

If anybody thinks the Giants and Pats have a chance at winning the superbowl, NOW is the time to buy before it could get ugly. The Giants are going to beat Houston today and go to 6-2 for the year and be in 2nd place in the NFC. The team in first place is the Chicago bears and they will beat the Fins today to start out the first half of their season undefeated at 8-0.

Next week is the NFC showdown with huge implications. The Giants may have two losses ( @ Seattle and Indy). Seattle had a 2 year home winning streak in place ( and the giants started out slow), and Indy won a close one the Giants could have won ( bad clock management at the end and a run off). The Giants have maybe the hardest schedule I have ever seen and they are in still in legitamate position to win the NFC. The Bears on the other hand have probably the easiest schedule in the league. Now only is the NFC North weak, but their out of conference games are weak as well. We all know the bears have a solid defense, but Grossman has been spotty on the road. If it weren't for the defense and special teams, Grossman would have been the goat in the Arizona game with all of his turnovers. There is a giant Rex Grossman bandwagon, but I am not sold on him in the road, or especially on the road in the playoffs.

The Bears will have their first challenge in a month when they go to NY in two weeks. The Giants have a legit shot to give them the Bears their first loss and steal the NFC crown. The Giants have only lost 2 games in New York in two years, and locking up homefield would be huge. We have the classic battle of a team with an easy schedule in an easy division, against the Giants and their battle tested path. If the Bears had the Giants schedule, I am not so sure they would even be 6-2 ( but probably around 5-3, 6-2). So if you think the Giants are going to go out on top for TIKI ( or even make it there), it would be the last good chance to bet on the Giants superbowl futures...

I think the Same argument goes for the Patriots. If they beat Indy tonight ( and they will), they are now the clear cut AFC favorite. Both teams have weaker divisions and should finish 1st and 2nd in the AFC. If the Pats win tonight ( and I think they will), they will force Peyton to make ANOTHER trip to foxborro in the playoffs.

I actually think the Giants and Pats have a damn good chance of meeting in Miami this year and this might be the last good time to bet it.

I played a majority of my winnings on the Pats +603 to win the whole damn thing.

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