Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Observations on Redskins/Bucs game

Since I live in Washington I decided to DVR the game between the last place Redskins and Last place Bucs. It looks like Washington is going to stick with Campbell for the rest of the year, so I also wanted to scout out the fresh meat quarterback. Here are some notes I took...

1st Q
- Mike Alstott trucked Shawn Springs and ran over him. I believe the play made the ESPN highlight reels, but in case you missed it, it looked like a Mac Truck running over road kill.
- Jason Campbell's 1st pass was a play action deep throw that Brandon Lloyd dropped. The pass was not perfect but Brandon Lloyd's still should have caught it. Brandon Lloyd's job is to catch footballs and if it hits your hands you catch it. That catch could have really helped out his young quarterback and his confidence.
- Bucs Kicker Matt Bryant leveled Rock Cartwright on a kick off. The play was on a kickoff return when Cartwright just ran out of bounds. It was a late hit penalty, but it's embarrassing to get smacked by the kicker! That's what kind of season Washington is having, a guy named " Rock" got knocked down by the kicker.

2nd Q
- A little Bruce Gradkowski History. According to Jon Gruden, Bruce comes in to watch film at 7AM and leaves at 7PM. Gruden himself is a film geek and to say that about Bruce says something. I was also unaware that Bruce played with a broken hand at Toledo and once threw for over 400 yards vs Pittsburgh.
- Tampa's Offensive Line stinks, but Washington still couldn't get to the QB, and couldn't stop the run game.
- The announcers were chatting about why Tampa's defense has taken a step back this year. I was aware they lost D-Line coach Rod Marinelli, but they also lost 2 other defensive position coaches. Losing coaches to be defensive coordinators and head coaches SHOULD put a dent on that defense.
- Gradkowski seems to be a good fit for the Tampa Offense. He reminds me of a younger Jeff Garcia with his quick drop backs, control of the offense, and competitive nature. Gradkowski plays with Passion and twice spiked the ball after running for first downs, he plays like he wants to win. Gradkowski is a perfect fit for this west coast offense that relies on quick drop backs, quick decisions, and accurate throws. I wouldn't be surprised if Gruden sticks with Gradkowski instead of Chris Simms later on down the road. It seems that Gradkowski's style fits this offense.
- There was a sweep left play where redskin’s high priced free agent got dominated by 36 year old Dave Moore. Moore is the 2nd or 3rd tight end on Tampa's Roster, but had a key "seal" block on the sweep left. Carter has struggled rushing the passer this year, but was embarrassed by the 36 year old.

2nd Half
- Brandon Llyod had 2 more drops in the second half which brings his total to 3 or 4 for the game. Lloyd has been a tremendous bust thus far and hasn't helped his young quarterback out with all of those drops.
- Washington absolutely must blitz to create pressure on defense. There is no way the redskins can only rush their front 4 and create pressure.
- I was unaware that Don Breaux is actually the offensive coordinator of Washington. Al Saunders is actually the “associate head coach". Greg Williams is NOT the defensive coordinator, but an "associate head coach", while Greg Blanhe is the defensive coordinator. The Bureaucracy in Washington is a joke.
- Washington is having problems tackling on defense. I'll bet the Redskins wish they still had Jeremiah Trotter, Lavar Arrington and Antonio Pierce to play Linebacker instead of Warrick Holdman and Lamar Marshall
- The only redskins that really brought some emotion on defense were Sean Taylor and Marcus Washington. Free Agent Andre Carter got crushed by a 36 year old tight end and didn't provide any pass rush. Adam Archuleta, the other high priced Free Agent, hardly saw the field.

This Washington team looks like one of the weaker teams in the NFL and NOT the team ESPN picked to go to the superbowl.

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