Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday 2nd half

Everything is going very well so far.
Added: Saints/Bengals OVER 24 ( 4 units)

New England is the big play so far and they are cruising along 21-0 over Green Bay

Houston had 2 fluke plays from Lee Evans for scores. The Bills had the right play, called against the right defense, and they executed perfectly. The Bills were up 14-0 on 2 perfect plays. Houston scored their points the conventional way, but marching down field with ease. They should have even ANOTHER score, if it weren't for a red zone fumble. This game could easily be about 21-7 for Houston. I am confident Houston still wins this game, as they have played better so far. You can't COUNT a 70 yard bombs to your receivers, but Houston marching downfield is a lot more consistant.

The saints/Bengals 1st half has gone perfect. Redzone turnovers had curbed this offensive game into a 10-7 first half. The game could easily have scored 30+ points by now.

I was hoping for a low scoring first half, and that's exactly what I got. The low score wasn't a function of no offense, but if mistakes in the redzone. I posted before that the total slipped a little too high for my price tag ( Over 52) and I was hoping for exactly this scenerio. Right now, by buying OVER 24, I need more than 41 points for the whole game. I just saved myself 11 points on the total, by waiting until halftime.

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