Monday, November 20, 2006

The Washington Redskins are a JOKE

Before the Season started ESPN had power rankings and rated the Redskins 3rd in the entire NFL. The logic was that the Redskins were 2 games away from the superbowl, and addressed their glaring weaknesses through free agency. The redskins were supposed to only get better, and go on to the superbowl ( according to ESPN. If you go back to my pre-season predictions you will find that I thought otherwise.

Everybody praised the skins for "adding" to that offense. Everybody seemed to overlook their aging signal caller Mark Brunell. People forgot that they had the worst offensive output in playoff history against the Bucs. People also "assumed" their defense would be strong. They have zero pass rush, a weak linebacker core ( except marcus washington), and 1 cornerback. They spent so much money, but it was wasted on midget receivers, blocking tight ends, and on overrated Defensive ends and safeties. The redskins got horrible returns for their money. Dan Snyder runs his team like Mr. Burns fantasy baseball team, and the skins get horrible players for their money. The team is run like the opposite of Billy Beans moneyball. The redskins go out and spend money on the highest priced free agents ( not neccesarily the best). They switch players and coaches so damn often they are often times trying to pound round pegs into square holes. The genisus at ESPN had the redskins in the superbowl, I had them finishing LAST in the NFC East. I encourage you to read my pre-season writeup where I called the redskins flop.

- The team has 23 coaches. That's flat out riddiculous. I can just picture Dan Snyer running out and signing every coach on the market. They have crafty titles for them as Greg Williams isn't the Defensive coordinator ( Greg Blance is), but the " associate Head coach".
- Al Saunders calls the plays on the entire football field EXCEPT when they get into field goal range... Then Gibbs and Saunders get on the headset and "both kind of call plays". These offensive coordinators are supposed to be chess masters that are always planning their next move but thats kind of hard when the head coach vetos the critical red zone play calls. Your either calling the plays or your NOT, they don't have an effective chain of command, and it KILLS them.
- The redskins pay lots of money for midget receivers, but they forget special teams and the less flashy positions. I remember when Snyder came to power and they let go Brian Mitchell. I always thought letting go of Mitchell was a HUGE mistake. Mitchell was the fiery return man that helped give good field position to the offense. The redskins forgot the nitty gritty guys that will fight and get dirty, and they spend money on the overaged Deion Sanders and Bruce Smith types ( Brandon Lloyd, Randel El).
- Daniel Snyder is a terrible owner. Snyder charged his fans to go watch team practices ( nobody else does), he tried to close public parking lots so his fans had to pay for HIS pay lots, he had the highest ticket prices and then raised prices even higher. The team doesn't want to draft a 3rd round no name player, but they trade picks to bring in guys like Randel El to sell jerseys. I also believe with an impending 3 game home stand they wanted to show the home fans Jason Campbell.
- The team has no patience. Successfull teams like New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Indy and Philly have drafted and built their own talent. Washington is constantly changing players, trading draft picks, and changing coaches. Instead of sticking with guys and letting them grow, the redskins just replace a high priced free agent with a NEW high priced free agent. The lack of continutity is killing the franchise.
- I believe the redskins have signed 22 free agents that USED to be probowlers, and NONE of them have been probowlers for washington. It just proves that they waste their money on the free agent pool each year. They let go of guys like Antonio Pierce, Jermiah Trotter, and Fred Smoot, but they waste money on #3 receivers.
- Joe Gibbs isn't as great as all the redskins fans think. He had stacked teams his first time around, and now it appears the game has passed him by. Gibbs has reduced his own rule to head executive, while Greg Williams and Al Saunders run the show. Gibbs didn't even have shotgun formations his first season back, and he said they didn't have Jason Campbell practice shotgun so couldn't run it against Tampa( who's fault is that)?

To add insult to injury, Jon Gruden said his team prepaired for the redskins ONE DAY!!! The Bucs had a monday night game LAST week, and a Thanksgiving game NEXT week. The redskins were bunched inbetween two short weeks and were only worth one day of preparation... The 2 win bucs still beat the Washington Joke skins.

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