Saturday, November 11, 2006

Week 10


6 point teaser... Baltimore -1/ Philly -1 ( 5 Units)
( I'd rather have 6 points each with a higher payout, than get 7 points bringing it to a pick'em)

San Diego at Cincy Over 48 ( 1 unit)
The Chargers have played OVER in their last 4 contests, and the Bengals have in their last 2. Look for LT to cave up Marvin Lewis's defense, and look for Carson and his Hood Orniment ( chad Johnson) to put up points as well in front of the home crowd.

The famous Sucker bet...
Steelers -5 ( 2 units)
We have an overrated 6-2 team going to play a 2-6 team that everybody gave up on. How in the hell is the 2-6 team nearly 6 point favorites over the first place saints?

The Steelers match up very well with the Saints in Pittsburgh. The Saints high octane offense will be slowed on that grass in Pittsburgh facing a stout defense. The Steelers are very tough on road quarterbacks in Pittsburgh opposing QB ratings were floating in the 60's last year. The Steelers power run game also matches up well against the saints and their weak Linebacking core. The steelers are a classy organization, with classy ownership, a classy coach, and classy players. Although their season is all but done, they will play hard for the home fans and should win by double digits...

I'm off to get ready to go out and cause trouble in Georgetown tonight and I should have more to come later ( either drunk late night picks or early sunday morning picks). I've had a number of E-mails regarding a canadian website that I choose not to post at. I'd appreciate if these picks are not later re-posted over there ( especially the sucker bet) because I couldn't think less of that site. For those of you posters there, I'd like to tell you that one of their mods keeps sending me harassing E-mails. I think their scared that all there best posters are leaving, and their sending me harassing emails.

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