Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week 11 was super. It could have been flawless if not for a few Fluke plays by Buffalo. They had the perfect plays called for the Houston blitz, and perfect executing on those Lee Evans Td's. It's not like Buffalo is USED to calling and executing like that, as Losman had more yards in a few minutues than he did in two previous weeks. The moose came in that game and it hurt. Denver is cruising along right now, and it looks like this week will only have one loss. It could have been a perfect monster week with the Houston loss of 3 units, being a win of 3 units ( 6 unit turnaround). I'm happy with how the week went, and that Bengals/Saints game played perfectly into my hands. I wished for a low scoring first half ( and got it), and I wished for a O/U total of 24 ( and got it). It should be between a 6 and 7 unit winning week ( 7 minus juice) as long as Denver holds on. 6 or 7 units is good, but 12 or 13 units could have been a monster sunday if not for a few fluke plays in Houston.

Here are the early line jumps for next week.
Cincy -3 @ Cleveland ( 2 units)
New York Giants -3 @ Tennesse ( 2 units)

I could always reverse my bet by playing the other side, but there is at least a decent shot that these lines move to -3.5, or -4. If I want, I might have the chance to try and middle these games, or play them at this smaller number.

Carson Palmer and Eli Manning against Chuck Frye and Vince Young.

Congrats to everybody who was aboard this week, and Questions and comments are always welcome.

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