Sunday, November 05, 2006

Week 9

Sucker bet = Washington +3 ( custers last stand and washingtons last chance to have this season NOT be a 100% total failure)

ATS Picks

Atlanta -5 @ Detroit
- Detroit is NOT a good football team
Cincy @ Baltimore -3
- Good matchup for Bal, they can run on cincy and have a good D
Dallas @ Washington +3
- Romo to win his first 2 starts on the road? Washington starting D together for first time.
Minnesota @ San Fran +4
- The 49ers are terrible on the road, but decent at home.
Green Bay +3.5 @ Buffalo
- JP Losman might be the worst QB in the NFL and shouldn't be favored against anybody.
Houston @ Giants-13
- Giants should cruise on offense, and their pass rush should break down Carr.
Kansas City @ St. Louis -2.5
- The Rams should win this high scoring game.
Miami @ Chicago -13.5
- Fish out of water have trouble on O, nevermind against a top notch D.
New Orleans -1 @ Tampa
- The saints should bounce back and march on in this magical season.
Tennesse @ Jacksonville -9.5
- Still not sold on Vince Young as a passer at all.
Cleveland +12.5 @ San Diego
- Everybody is on SD and I have a weird feeling the Browns cover.
Denver @ Pitt -3
- Pittsburgh is a different beast at home but why is a 2-5 team favored by 3 over a 5-2 team???
Indy @ New England -3
- Rock paper scissors... Brady, Bellicheck and Defense beat Manning, Dungy and no defense
Oakland @ Seattle -7
Seattle is at home.. where they win ( except last week) and Oakland is still one of the worst in football.

Washington +3 ( 1.5 units)
St. Louis -2.5 ( 1 unit)
Kc/ Rams Over 48 ( 1 unit)

I am going to bet New England later as well.

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