Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm talking about announcers because I want to mute the damn Thursday night game. I'm not just saying this for effects, but I can't listen to Bryant Gumbel and Chris Collinsworth.

Bryant Gumbel might not even be a man. The guy has a Pip squeak voice, and is more suited to calling a tennis match. Two weeks ago he called the Bengals scoring drive " glorious". I can't believe this guy is calling a tough guy football game.

As bad as Gumbel is, I think Chris Collinsworth is WORSE. He is Mr. Negativity. All Chris does is bash the team that is losing and not making plays. " You know, this offensive line is playing Whore-aable", " You know, this guy is NOT a good player", " You know, these penalties are killing this team and they can't win". The best games to watch that Collinsworth does, are comebacks. He really changes his tune and looks like a class A fool.

Some opinions on other announcers...

I love Al Michaels doing the play by play. He is professional, has a good voice, and calls a smart game. The guy can call Football, basketball, or any other sport for the matter. He has the added bonus of casually throwing in some gambling lingo.

I'm not a big fan of John Madden. I think he is a senile old man, but he is kind of growing on me. You know that no matter what team is playing, he will throw in a Brett Favre reference. I'd prefer to NOT have to listen to Madden, but he's better than some of the other clowns out there. The guy is a character, and isn't that intelligent, but you kind of get used to him.

Joe Theisman is terrible. I almost feel sorry for the guy. He reminds me of when you go to a family reunion and have to talk to some relative that you really don't want to talk to. Joe thinks he knows everything about everything, and will try and "teach", Tony and Mike Tirico something every week. Watching him ask Jay-Z something was funny. We all know that Joe has NEVER listened to Hip hop before, and has nothing in common with Jay Z. He asked Jay Z something and was kind of ignored. I honestly feel bad for Theisman. He's so bad that you feel sorry for him.

Tony Kornheiser is great at PTI and Radio, but not a good football guy. Mr. Tony Admits that he knows little to nothing about the NFL, but they still stick him up there in the booth! It boggles my mind, how they just throw him up in the booth up there. I love his shows, but he shouldn't be talking about stuff he has no clue about.

Mike Tirico calls a good game. He has a solid voice, and brings up intelligent comments. He's the play by play guy, but he brings more insight than Tony and Theisman! Here is a guy that worked his whole life for this gig, and then he gets paired with two stooges in the booth.

Joe Buck is a guy that I can't stand in baseball and football. He really obviously picks sides ( St. Louis Cardinals), and is another pompous asshole. The camera man really doesn't do him any favors with the screen shots, because Joe Buck has the biggest forehead I have ever seen. He does have a big voice, but he is another negative guy. I could see why some people think he has talent, but I don't like him.

I like listening to Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnson call games. The former cowboys bring good insight, and break the game down well. Aikman will try and point out things that the average fan might not see.

Brian Baldinger is a big dumb ass that I can't stand. ESPN must have a soft spot for these big dumb former lineman like Baldinger and Mike Golic. They might as well name these guys " Joe Public". These guys help Las Vegas, because they just feed the public with these cliches.

Soloman Wilcots is a big and confident guy, but he has some sort of a fixation on a quarterbacks mobility. If you played a drinking game and DRANK a beer each time Madden Mentioned Brett Favre, you would be piss drunk by halftime. If you played a drinking game where you drank a beer each time Soloman mentioned a Quarterbacks mobility, you would be drunk before the end of the first quarter. If a QB scrambles for a first down, the guy literally can't control himself. If he ever called a Falcons game, he might never shut up. They won't let him do a Falcons game, because he usually gets one of the crappiest games of the week each week.

The other guy that gets stuck with the lame duck game of the week is Ron Pitts. It seems like every week he is doing a Lions game, or the packers game, or the other lower end teams. I just question the guys intelligence. I know he likes football, but he really doesn't bring much analysis to the table.

In the AFC, I think Phill Simms is a very good. He really knows the game, and he really talks to the players to have good things to talk about. The only complaint I have about Simms is his voice. Sometimes he comes across as a little Whiny, but he really knows his stuff.

I think Brian Gumbel is real good too. He is fair, has a good voice, and has good observations.

I'd the other guys from the old sunday night crew thumbs down as well. That old Sunday night crew with Theisman, Dierdorff and the bald guy was horrible.

The Best
Aikman, Moose Johnson, Phill Simms, Al Michaels, Mike Tirico, Brian Gumbel

The Worst
Chris Collinsworth, Brynant Gumbel, Soloman Wilcots, Brian Baldinger, Ron Pitts

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