Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bad Calls

I don't understand how Joey Harrington tripps over Vince Wilfork and they call roughing the quarterback? Thats riddulous! How inconsistant are the calls on the quarterback?

The other calls that I see inconsitantly are pass interference. The Carolina defender was holding Tim Carters arm and negated a 41 yard pass play for the Giants! Horrible calls.

Giants -3 ( +4 units)actually 4.5 with +114 juice
Steelers -7 ( +2 units)
Pats -3 ( -2 units)
Faiders +10.5 ( -1 unit)
Bucs +3 ( -1 unit)
Texans -1 ( -1 unit)

+ 1.5 units. Thats what I get for playing the odds and fading the public. The public took a pounding last week and won some of their money back this week.

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