Monday, December 25, 2006


Dallas -7 ( 1 unit)

Week 16 Recap
chOakland +7 ( -2 units)
New England +3 ( +4 units)
Indy 1st Q ( -2 units)
Rams -1 ( 1 unit)
Lions +7 ( 1 unit)
Seattle 2nd Half ML ( 1 unit)

I am Very confident Dallas wins this game and I was considering putting those 3 units I won on the Dallas ML, but I hope Dallas winning helps them cover.

Philly is playing in their 3rd consecutive road game, and their 3rd consecutive divisonal game. I think Jeff Garcia is getting blown way out of proportion and the Beagles come back to life this week. Dallas has been vulnerable to the deep ball, but Philly's west coast offense is predicated on a shorter inside passing game.

In thier last matchup Jim Johnson brought blitz after blitz which destroyed the statue Bledsoe. I expect the Eagles to not get the same pressure on Romo, and I think Dallas will try and exploit the suspect eagles run D.

I am looking to probably play Miami after the Dallas game as well. The public loves to pound teams that " need a win" for the playoffs, and the Jets are that team. Miami will not lay down in this rivalry game, and they did snap up a win streak at the end of last year. Ronnie Brown is back, and the Dolphins are at home with the better defense.

I like both favorites, and I think they can both win and cover. The Underdogs barked real loud this week, and both favorites winning wouldn't suprise me.

Right now I have Dallas +7 for a unit, and I will probably try and do some live betting as well.

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