Monday, December 25, 2006

Deangelo Fall?

How the hell was that bum sent to the Pro Bowl?

It is because there are not good statistics to judge a DB by. Since decision is left up to more arbitrary numbers, discrimination takes over. Tackles are NOT a good indicator, and interceptions aren't a reliable stat either. Sometimes picks show how "risky" a corner is. Sometimes a corner with a lot of picks takes more chances. Since we don't have good numbers to crunch, people look at his mouth, media exposure, and rumored speed.

Deangelo made the pro bowl because he runs his mouth. He didn't make the pro bowl because of his play, because Terrel Owens spit in his face and pissed on him for 2 touchdowns in one half. How many other Pro Bowl corners get spit on and pissed on in the same game?

Deangleo street thug Hall didn't do anything about getting disrespected. He has the kind of trash talking attitude that would make you think he would fight back, but he did nothing. It's kind of funny that nobody knew until AFTER the game. After it was all said and done, Hall used the incident as a weapon. He knew the media would latch onto the story. He shifted the focus from Hall getting burned, to poor Deangelo getting spit on. He shifted the focus from How good T.O. is, to how much of an asshole he is.

Antoine Winfield has one of the best games I have seen from a corner this year against Green Bay. The guy was everywhere and is a true play maker. It is sad to say that the players with the biggest mouths ( like hall) get rewarded the most. Minnesota isn't exactly a public team either. If Winfield played for the Bears Defense, or Philly or New York he would be a pro bowler.

Deangelo Hall is another perfect example of how discrimination rules where there are not easily stats that can gauge performance. We can easily check out how many catches a receiver has, rushing yards a running back has, or a Quarterbacks yards per pass, but we know little to nothing about a defensive back.

We used to know little about a defensive lineman until Decan Jones coined the phase " sack". Now we can better quantify a defensive lineman's pass rush abilities.

We still don't have a very good way of judging a defensive back. Deanglo hall is rumored to be very fast ( although I saw TO and the NY Giants burn him), and he talks a lot. People "assume" he is some shut down corner. Deangleo " held" TO to 100 yards last time they played, and he " held" Owens to 2 touchdowns this past game. If all the other corners in the league " held" owens to only 2 touchdowns a game that would equal 32 in a season. If everybody was so mightly to "hold" owens to 100 receiving yards, that would be a 1600 yard season for owens.

Shame on everybody who voted Hall into the Probowl.

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