Saturday, December 30, 2006

I honestly can't watch NFL Network

Chris Collinsworth has no idea what he is talking about. He never makes a statement BEFORE the play, he always makes a statement AFTER the play ( they shouldn't have done this or that). Then he starts talking about the players and it's obvious he isn't in touch with what is going on. After the players prove his comments wrong, then he starts bashing the losing team.

Bryant Gumbel is an absolute joke as well. He doesn't act like other announcers in that they describe what just happened. Al Michaels would say something like, ( Ladell Betts runs a sweep to the left and is tackled by number 22 Sam Madsion). Bryand Gumbel has no clue what is going on and calls the game clock the shot clock.

I honestly view the NFL network as the little brother of sports networks. The sound isn't right and the announcers are terrible. I would mute the sound to the game but I almost find it kind of funny to hear two idiots call a game. I honestly think a bunch of college kids in media 101 could call a better game.

I love how Collinsworth made a comment about " the Redskins are probably better off with Brunell as opposed to Campbell" and Bryant Gumbell angrily fired back real quick " why".

Collinsworth said that the different styles mean that the Giants " aren't ready for Brunell". What the hell is that supposed to mean? It's not like Brunell is Mike Vick, and Campbell is Peyton Manning or anything. They are both average at best at playing quarterback.

My question is why does everybody say that Campbell " add mobility". Mark Brunell is a hell of a lot more mobile than Campbell. I think since Jason Campbell and Tavaras Jackson " look" mobile that people " think" they are mobile. That is a mistake I could expect the average fan to make, but Collinsworth and Gumbel are professionals and they are horrible. I honestly think they add nothing to the game cast that the average fan couldn't see.

Bryant Gumbell snapped back at Collinsworth that " Campbell is more mobile". How the hell would he know that? Bryant doesn't even know half of these players last names. He calls Frank Gore Al Gore and so on. Not only is Brunell faster, but he has better pocket awareness and tries to avoid the rush. Campbell is a bigger guy and would be physically harder to tackle, but he isn't more mobile than Brunell. Mobility is the most overrated attribute for quarterbacks.

What "mobile" quarterbacks are worth a damn?

Do people call Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer mobile? Donovan Mcnabb is mobile and good, but even Donovan thinks pass first and then run.

Do you think Mike Mexico will ever win a Superbowl in Atlanta? That guy is supposed to operate a west coast offense and he can't even complete half his passes. What about Tavaras Jackson and his 50 passing yards?

How about a mobile Jake Plummer that got pulled for rookie Jay Cutler that didn't even "expect" to play? Jake the fake took his team to the AFC championship last year but even his coach knew that the bird brained "mobile" Jake the Fake wasn't worth a damn.

These mobile guys never win Superbowl's because they are playing guys that are TRYING to play quarterback and run REAL offense and can't. Eventually though the mobile guys get into the playoffs and have to play quarterbacks that run REAL offenses and CAN.

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