Sunday, December 31, 2006

I love mobile quarterbacks

I love mobile quarterbacks because network television hypes them up to the high heavens and they are such a great fade!

If you never watched a game, but only watched ESPN, you would think that Vince Young is the greatest quarterback of all-time. He can run, he can throw, and he " just wins".

Well I won 7.5 units on the pats because they play this boring offense with their immobile quarterback with a noodle arm. Vince Young played against a good defense and didn't score a touchdown until 1 minute left in the 4th quarter.

In the Chiefs game, the very mobile David Garrard practically gift wrapped the win with a really stupid interception to Ty Law on a screen pass. The Jags have to run about the most boring, conservative, predictable offense I have ever seen.

I am starting to really not like the Jags. Their offense is boring as shit and their defense takes all kinds of cheap shots. Paul Spicer laid a very cheap shot on Trent Green well after he threw a pass (I'd expect a hefty fine on that play). Last week against the Pats, the Jags linebacker speared Tom Brady right in the back. I can't believe he led with his head and wasn't fined. I think Jack Del Rio is a very good defensive coach, but they run such a boring conservative offense.

I also bet on the Steelers and won. I figured to fade the " win and your in" scenario. It was a contest between two pretty evenly matched teams, and the Bengals should have been about 3 point favorites at home. Instead, the Bengals were laying 6 big points in this contest because of heavy public betting.

It was a painful game to watch because every 7 seconds Soloman Wilcots kept talking about the mobility of Big Ben or Carson. I can't believe that goofball gets to call games. Does he even watch the other 20 players on the field, or does he just watch the quarterbacks legs? What a joke.

The final game that I did NOT bet on was the Rams. I wasn't sure I wanted to bet with the public on the rams and I laid off. Tavaras Jackson's Vikings got blown out at home to end their season. If you listen to the announcers you would think Jackson is Michael Vick or something.

New England +3.5 ( 5 units)
New England -3.5 ( 2.5 units)
KC Chiefs -1 ( 4 units) I ate a lot of juice on this one
Pittsburgh Steelers +6 ( 1 unit)

Total = 13 units

I still have the Colts -9 pending for 1 unit as well.

This has to be the best week I have had the entire year of betting. The only regret I have is not taking the other alternative line on the Patriots at -7.5 for +455. Even a 1 unit bet could have been an additional 4 units and change. I loved the Chiefs and Pats today. Vince Young was no match for a formidable defense and the only reason the Titans hung around for a while was because of a punt return touchdown.

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