Sunday, December 10, 2006

More on the overrated Tony Dungy

The colts got beat in another playoff like game.

Peyton Manning is regarded for not being able to win the big game, but what about Dungy? Has he won in Indy or Tampa?

The colts gave up 44 points to a basic Jags offense. All they did is ran the football. Everybody in the whole stadium knew what was coming, but I find it funny that the " defensive guru" Tony Dungy couldn't stop it. How is he a defensive guru? He starts a 209 pound linebacker... Some teams start 230-240 pound safeties!

Peyton Manning for nearly 4 times as many yards as David Garrard, but his team LOST! How is Manning supposed to win when his rush defense gives up 4 touchdowns, 368 yards and is on the field the entire game?

Lets take a look at some of the Jags ball carriers...
- Maurice Jones -Drew, 15 carries for 166 yards, 2 touchdowns. He also had a 93 yard kick return touchdown
- Fred Taylor, 9 carries for 131 yards and 1 touchdown
- Alvin Pearman, 13 carries for 71 yards and 1 touchdown

The Jags had 2 running backs rush for over 10 yards per carry!
The Jags had a running back rush over 150, 100, and their 3rd string back had 71 yards!

Last week Tony Dungy called a timeout to allow the Titans to kick the game winning field goal. This week the defensive genius got pissed on. Of course nobody is going to bash Dungy. The finger will be pointed everywhere else. Everybody around Dungy will get blamed, but he will be free of criticism.

Now I will turn on the post game shows, and have to hear the blame on everybody but Dungy. Why can't people see that he has been horrible in big games? Without a stacked Tampa D he is NOT even an average defensive coach. Without Peyton Manning, his colts would be a 2-14 team and nobody would be talking about Dungy.

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