Friday, December 01, 2006


Before I move on to week 13, I wanted to go over some unfinished business....

Week 12 turned a profit, but it just left a sour taste in my mouth. The loss on the Giants game was too tough to take. A few weeks ago, Denver was beating San Diego 24-7 and then lost, and this past week the Giants were up 21-0 in Tennesse, only to give up 24 unanswered fourth quarter points. It's not just that the Giants lost, but HOW they lost. There were no 2 bigger plays than a late Giants interception intended for Plax, and a MISSED sack by rookie Kiwinuka. If you will go back and read my early season prediction, I talk bad about Plax.

Plax can often BURDEN the Giants more than he can help them. He is perceived by many as some great deep target, but people gloss over his faults. The guy can often times drop short and intermediate balls, and the guy often just quits and complains. He quit on a 4th quarter pass that was picked off, and gave a half ass effort in tackling the cornerback. The dropped balls, deflections for picks, and quit plays only show up on Eli's stat sheet. If Plax had half the heard that Hines Ward had, he'd still be in Pittsburgh with a hefty contract.

Plax is a guy that went to Fork Union Military academy ( a school known for it's discipline), yet he quits and cries like a little girl. If Eli doesn't throw a jump ball to him in the red zone, he will flail his arms up in the air and complain. I noticed this in the past, and then Eli BLINDLY threw at Plax only to be intercepted. It is more difficult than it looks to only have 1 football, and two mouthy receivers in Plax and Shockey. These guys want the ball every play, whether their open or not.

The other complaint I have is the league and their policy on quarterbacks...
You can't hit them below the legs, you can't hit them in the head, you can't LEAD with your head, you can't drive them into the ground, you can't give them an extra tap...

If you re-examine the Giants play, you will notice that Vince Young's arm was moving forward when the Giants rookie Defensive End hit him. Not only was Vince Young's Arm moving forward, but Vince stopped Moving!!! It would be difficult to tell if Vince threw the ball or not with his arm moving forward and his ceasure to scramble. What would have happened if Vince really DID throw the ball, and Kiwinuka hit him and drove him into the ground? Tom Coughlin would have been screaming at him alright, screaming for that 15 yard personal foul he just cost his team.

There was another bad play where the Cleveland Browns defensive player hit Big Ben a few weeks ago but didn't drive him into the ground. Big Ben bounced off the defender and threw the ball away avoiding a huge 15 yard loss on the play.

The reason why I disagree with the league is because they are physically changing the way the game is played. I understand their commitment to protecting quarterbacks, but the rules are enforced inconsistently and are ruining the game. Defensive Lineman don't know whether to take a guy down, or to back off because the rules are enforced in such a wide range.

The Giants' Titans Loss turned for a WIN of 4 units, into a LOSS of 4 units( 8 unit turn around). I ended up letting a HUGE play ride on the colts which nullified that loss. If I would have won the Giants game, I probably would have hedged away the Colts game for a guaranteed 2 units, and the net wouldn't have changed that much.... It's just that was such a hard loss to take! If it weren't for those breakdowns in the Giants and Denver games, those good weeks could have been Great.

Other week 12 notes
- I'll bet you Mike Vick didn't think the Camera's were still rolling when he double flicked off those fans!!!
- The sucker bet went up in flames this week a 27-0 loss at Baltimore. I also considered Buffalo, but I just couldn’t picture the Jags losing in Buffalo. I was actually going to make the Raiders the Sucker bet at San Diego, but changed my mind.
- Along the theme of “ shoulda been”, was this Thursdays game of Cincy and Baltimore. I was going to throw 1 unit down on the Bengals but decided not to. I also liked New England in Prime time last week but wanted to keep the card thin.

- I don’t know what everybody else thinks about football on the NFL Network, but I think the announcers are horrible. Bryant Gumbel has a high pitched whiney voice, and called the Bengals scoring drive “Glorious”. The guy saying the score was 3-0, when in fact it was 6-0 and called a catch over the middle a “ sideline catch”. Chris Collinsworth is probably my least favorite guy out there. Chris is one of the most negative people out there. Everybody is a genius after the fact, and he will say stuff like “ why did he throw that interception, he should not have thrown that pass”. Hindsight is 20/20. Instead of talking about how well a player is playing, Collinsworth will talk about how his competition is making bone head plays and are just making AWFUL mistakes. Collinsworth is a know it all, and the funniest thing is watching a team comeback in a game he calls. He could spend the whole first half bashing the losing team, talking about how dumb they are, but then spend the whole second half bashing the other team. Chris reminds you of the angry dad basketball coach that is always whining about terrible officiating, only he is always whining about players mistakes.

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