Monday, December 04, 2006


Last week could have been a real good week. I lost my Teaser because of the colts, and I lost the Raiders game. Once again, the difference between a 3 unit LOSS, and a 3 unit WIN is 6 units and huge.

The Raiders held David Carr and the Texans to -5 yards passing, and scored a defensive touchdown but lost! The Raiders lost because Aaron Brooks threw 2 picks and the team had 3 fumbles for 5 turnovers! The Raiders D did step up to play this game, but the risk of betting a bad team was those 5 turnovers. Teams that turn the ball over 5 times do NOT have a chance at winning games.

- The Steelers cruised to a nice Victory.
- The Falcons started the game losing 14-0, but won 24-14.
- The Giants game was the game of the week, but it was a push for me. I wish I got the line Giants +3.5, but I got the Giants +3 with a higher payout. I wish I got that half of a point.

I'd like to take you back to the last 11 seconds of the Titans/ Colts game and Tony Dungy's huge mistake.
With 11 seconds left, the Titans had the ball at the 43 yardline. The Titans had the opportunity to kick a 60 yard field goal to win the game, but if they missed, Peyton and the colts would get the ball at the spot the ball was kicked.

So here is the situation
A) So if Rod Birnoas kicks the very difficult 60 yarder, the titans win
B) if Rod Birnoas missed the 60 yard field goal, the colts get the ball back at the 50 with 6 seconds left and 1 timeout. That means if Peyton makes 1 throw and gets 10-20 yards that Adam Viniteri would turn around and attempt the game winner for the COLTS!

Jeff Fisher sends out Rod Birnoas and the kicking team, but then decides to call a timeout. After he calls the timeout, he sends out his PUNTING unit. Fisher realized that if Birnoas MISSED the 60 yarder ( which is a very difficult kick), that his titans had a chance at LOSING the game.

But then Tony Dungy screws up. Instead of letting the Titans PUNT, he calls a timeout for some unknown reason. I guess he was confused or something. That was the Cardinal Sin. After Dungy called the timeout, it allowed Fisher to send the kicker back out there for a RISK FREE chance to win the game ( since 6 seconds and no timeouts would not give the colts a chance to pick up the yards they need to kick the FG).

Bironas kicks the improbable 60 yarder and the Titans win.

I'm sure others who bet on the colts were pissed. I can't believe ESPN didn't break down the Dungy mistake. It once again proves my point that Dungy gets a free pass from criticism. If it were Mike Martz that called the timeout, the ESPN crew would be talking about how dumb Mike Martz was in the post game show... Nobody said anything bad about Dungy and that cardinal sin.

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