Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sat night football

I can't believe the NFL network. Bryant Gumbel is the worst play by play guy I have ever seen. He calls Frank Gore " Al Gore", Michael Jenkins " Michael Jennings", the play clock the " shot clock" etc. Terrel Owens scores a touchdown and it takes Gum ball about 2 minutues to realize the cowboy scored.

Dick Vermiel and Marshall Faulk were actually very good and called a smart game. I actually liked how they had a player coach relationship and really built on what each other said. It was funny because they were just conversing and pretty much ignoring Gumbel. My only complaint was that Dick Vermiel sounded horrible with that cold he had. I don't care if Vermiel was calling the best game ever, his voice sounded like nails against a chalk board.

Deion Sanders comes in relief and just starts worshiping Michael Vick. You didn't see Tony Romo get a whole lot of praise in this game. Vick makes an average or routine throw in traffic and people praise the hell out of him ( that proves he is overrated, and proves that they are hyping him up). When Tony Romo completes a 12 yard pass, do you see the announcers talk about how great of a quarterback he is?

I loved Vick in the post game interview. He said " I would never take my self out of the game", but then he later said that he just had a minor groin injury that needed tending to. They showed him just sitting on the bench with nobody attending to anything. Vick also went on to talk about how much the rushing record meant to him and how he was a good quarterback with 19 touchdown passes.

The last time I can remember a Quarterback bringing up his own stats was Aaron Brooks when he was leaving the New Orleans Saints.

It just boggles my mind the number of excuses Mike Vick gets. If Vick has a good game, people call him the greatest ever. If Vick has a bad game, his receivers, coaches, fans and everybody else gets the blame.

Vick is mistaken by a lot of casual fans. He is an example of " what you see". It is real easy to measure a persons height, weight, speed etc. How do you measure a guy's knowledge? How do you measure a guy's football IQ and reads? How do you measure somebodies pocket presence and accuracy?

Mike Vick is very good at the stuff that you SEE, but his weaknesses are not easily brought out into the open. If he misses a wide open receiver, it is hard to see that on TV when they only show the line of scrimege. It's not just about the crazy plays he CAN make, but also about the routine plays that he can NOT make.

Deangelo Hall has got to be the most overrated corner in pro football. He is fast, and has a big mouth, so people assume that he is some great talent. He was talking about how the NY Giants " weren't a thang" and they torched him.

Deangelo was made famous for " shutting T.O. down to ONLY 100 yards" last year. Now call me crazy, but how is giving up 100 yards shutting a player down? If Joe Corner gives up 100 yards he was torched, but if big mouth Deanglo gives up 100 yards he " shut the guy down".

He was torched for another 2 touchdowns in the first half, and was penalized twice. Deanglo tries to act like such a touch guy, but TO spit in his face and Hall did nothing. I think Hall is a cry baby and and attention whore. I don't think what TO did was right, but I understand.

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