Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday night game

I love how the announcers were sucking Jason Campbell off. They act like he was marching his team downfield with awsome passes and a high flying offense. The redskins were running the ball and the only passes I saw him complete were dump offs and screens ( just like Brunell). The only time he really threw the ball over 10 yards was a couple of times he had 1 on 1 coverage on the outside and a max protect backfield so he didn't have to worry about the pass rush. At the end of the game he had to throw the ball over 10 yards and he failed. The Redskins quarterbacks ( Brunell and Campbell) sure did pad their stats this year with the 5 yard screen passes to Randel El, Moss, Cooley, or the runningbacks that turned into 20, 40 or occasionally 80 yards. It must be real nice to throw the ball 2-5 yards and get credit for a 40 yard completion.

If the Redskins are going to try and win a title with a " game manager" at quarterback they will have to build a stout defense. The defense has literally no depth ( they pissed away about 10 draft picks in the past 3-5 years that could have been depth), and the redskins don't even have much star power. The most important chess piece of a defense is a solid pass rush and the redskins aren't even close to haveing solid pass rushing ends.

The redskins are in the worst salary cap shape out of any NFL team and don't have a full set of draft picks. I honestly think that Gibbs will retire before they can build this team back up. They will have to eventually rip this team apart again when Gibbs replacement comes in. The best case scenerio is that Saunders of Greg Williams take over but there is a lot of talk about internal bickering over personel.

Back to the original point, So the redskins and that convervative offense scored some points on the Giants and their conservative prevent defense. Of course the announcers had to suck Jason Campbell off because that is their nature.

The game ball goes to Tiki Barber who pissed all over the redskins. The guy averaged a first down per carry and ran for over 200 yards. Not only did he pad his stats, but he had game changing runs in clutch time.

I think after Tiki retires the Giants will be tempted to use their first round draft pick on a runningback. I think a perfect fit for the Giants would be sign say Marshall Faulk to split time with Brandon Jacobs.

Faulk would be a cheap fit, and plays with a similar style as Barber. Most teams would shy away from an older player like Faulk, but what makes him good is good vision, patience, and receiving ability. The Giants could probably even sign a or draft a 3rd runningback for cheap as well. Have Faulk as a good 3rd down type, Jacobs as a good goaline type, and maybe try and draft an all purpose back in the later rounds. I think either Faulk or Jacobs COULD be the starter, but I'd rather have the Giants use their draft picks on defense.

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