Sunday, December 31, 2006

Week 17 Card

New England Pats +3.5 ( 5 units)
KC Chiefs -1 ( 5 units)
Blitzburgh Steelers +6 ( 1 unit)
Indianapolis Colts -9 ( 1 unit)
New England Patriots NFL Alternative Low bet at pinny, Pats -3.5 ( 1 unit to win 2.5 units)

If the Pats win ( and I think they do, they probably win by more than a FG and more than double that unit bet).

I love the Pats and chiefs to win, and one is a 1 point favorite and the other is a dog. The Steelers are good value at +6, and Cleo Lemon is garbage. If the Colts were only to stack the box and try and stop the run. Freeney might not play and I actually like that ( he is horrible against the run).

I am still thinking of adding the Rams, but the public likes the rams too. I think if the Rams lose it will be the Rams Losing the game, and not the Vikings WINNING the game. Minny's defnese has some ballas and that is very possible.

Happy New year.

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