Sunday, December 31, 2006

What a moose job in Indianapolis.

Despite a great day, winning 12 units, I have to complain about the moose job in Indianapolis.

The moose sighting in Indianapolis recap.

It's 3rd and 3 and the colts are trying to get the first down and close out a 12 point lead.

-Joseph Addai fumbles the football.
- Jason Taylor picks it up and gets some yardage on the return

- Then we have Mrs. Cleo Lemon throw the ball into triple coverage and Chris Chamblers makes the catch. Even Phill Simms the announcer points out that usually as a quarterback you do NOT want to make that throw. In Lemon's case, he gets lucky.

- The Dolphins turn out to get a touchdown, cutting that 12 point lead down to 5.

I was flipping through the 4PM games, but each time I watched this game I was amazed at how crappy Cleo Lemon looked.

Even on that final drive. He completed 1 ball into triple coverage, but 2 of the other throws were out of bounds ( intended for receivers), and even his hail mary at the end didn't even land in the field of play. Of the only 3 passes I saw Cleo complete, two were in triple coverage, but the other throws weren't even close.

Tommorow I will try and recap my bets and look towards the playoffs. I want to recap my NFL futures bets I had.

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