Sunday, January 07, 2007

Joe Buck is terrible

Joe Buck hates anything Manning and anything New York. If you watch a New York Yankees game, you would think the Yanks paid off the ump each game or something. Then watch a St. Louis Cardinals game and see if he isn't biased. All Joe Buck does is tries to undermine Tom Couglin and Eli Manning. Buck doesn't have an athletic bone in his body and he makes his living criticising professional athletes.

I love how he even started picking on R.W Mcquarters hair.
Buck: R.W. Mc1/4ths hadn't cut his hair since 1998! Geez!
Aikman: Why should he? It looks good.

People talk about Eli like he is a complete bust. The guy won the NFC East in his first season as a starter and threw the most touchdown passes in the NFC and his Giants were the #1 scoring offense for much of the season. In year two as a starter Eli led his team to the playoffs despite key injuries and two other playoff teams in the division. Eli was 4th in the NFL in touchdown passes this year.

People are very critical of Eli but what happens when he has 9 dropped passes in the Jacksonville game? ESPN was quick to point out his low QB rating, but they failed to mention all those drops. It's funny, because if Michael Vick even has a single dropped pass, he is vindicated for all criticism.

How about in the Tennessee game when Plax quit on the route, or when the defense collapsed? Was that Eli Mannings fault too?

Buck was at Eli all game, but Aikman was quick to point out... " It's raining, the blitz is coming, and the Giants receivers don't have a lot of separation". They act like Eli is missing passes to wide open receivers.

It's amazing that the Giants came back to convert 1st and 30. How would you like to have a critical 1st and 10 and then give up two consecutive false starts? After it's 1st and 20, you convert 19 yards on a successful screen and they call a phantom holding call making it 1st and 30? That is NOT putting your quarterback in good position to win the game, but he STILL converted.

About the only player Buck didn't bash was Tiki Barber. Tiki Barber sure does have a nice smile and is a pretty classy guy but give me a break. Barber is patting his opponents on the ass after a tackle, smiling ear to ear after the loss, and brings his family out of the tunnel. I like Tiki Barber but it's almost as if he took the second half of the year off ( with exception to the Washington game) and enjoyed his final tour.

There was a Tiki Barber post game interview with Clinton Portis of all people and Barber didn't look pained by the loss at all. When asked about the loss Barber responded, " in the cards for us today". Barber was smiling the whole interview and talking about how it was fitting that his last game was in Philly against Dawkins and Trotter (was it fitting the Giants lost too)? Now I am not saying you need to cry like Romo after the loss, but you don't need this smiling positive tone that " I just ended my successful career".

I know the Giants will be tempted to draft a running back in the 1st round to replace Barber but they should not give into that temptation. I would recommend bringing in a vet with similar skills for cheap ( Marshall Faulk) and looking for solid depth later in the draft ( like undrafted rookie Mike Bell) and using your first two draft picks on defense. Will Demps was a terrible signing. That first 49 yard touchdown run by Westbrook was in part because Will Demps wiffed on the open field tackle. I'd love for the Giants to draft either a DT, CB or big play LB or S in the first two rounds. Lavar Arringinton was supposed to be that big play LB, but he was hurt. Carlos Emmons just looks slow and couldn't tackle either. Gibril Wilson is fine, but Demps is terrible. The Giants just signed Demps to a contract last year and I don't think they dump him, so Giants fans will have to suffer with him.

I think Coughlin gets a lot of unfair heat as well. The guy went the playoffs in the past two years but everybody hates him because he is a "disciplinarian" who the players don't like. How do we know what the players think of him? The Media makes that story that everybody hates coughlin, because the average person who reads that papers can remember some tightwad dickhead coach they had.

The bottom line is that we don't know if Strahan and the Giants like Coughlin or not. First they thought that Jim Fassel was too soft, and now we hear Tom Coughlin is too strict. Does that mean the Giants need a coach with a mild temper that is "just right"?

Speaking of goldie locks, how about Shockey bringing it with his helmet getting knocked off. I give Shockey credit for playing hurt, and bringing it. Many players would instantly go down after getting their hat knocked off, but shockey went fighting for more. I also give Shockey credit for trying to back his Quarterback after getting chewed out by the offensive coordinator.

That Pick Manning threw was tough. It was third and long and the Giants offense didn't have a lot going for it. It was a bang bang play and Manning tried to make a play and create some offense for his team. He took a chance, and it backfired. Now if Manning DID NOT take that chance and either took a sack, or thew the ball away, Joe Buck would have been talking about how Manning should have tried to make a play. Eli Manning was doomed for criticism from the start. Even if the Giants won, I am sure Buck would have still bashed Eli and said it was all Tiki ( that's why I secretly think he was supporting Barber).

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