Monday, January 01, 2007

Recap of NFL futures

Right after the Super bowl ( and before free agency) I bet on NFL futures with good odds. I looked for things of good value ( a lot of cap money, good coaches, good quarterback, good defense, good management etc.) I had intentions of hedging as well.

I took the Cleveland Browns Season win total UNDER 7.5 at +121. 2.5 units to win 3
- No way in hell I saw the Browns at almost .500 in that division with Cincy, Pitt, and Baltimore.

I predicted that who ever came out of the NFC East would be battle tested and go to the Superbowl. I actually had Dallas winning the NFC East and going to the bowl. I had a Dallas vs Philly Superbowl and I thought the NFC East had a good shot of 3 playoff teams but certainly not Washington.

ESPN had Washington in the Superbowl, but I had them 4th in their division.

I had...
Cleveland Under 7.5 wins ( 2.5 to win 3)
Carolina to win Superbowl 2.5 units
Dallas to win Superbowl 2.5 units to win to win 80 units
Eagles to win Superbowl 2.5 units at 15-1 odds
Arizona to win Superbowl .75 units at 75-1 odds
Green Bay .25 units ( 100-1 odds)
Tennessee .25 units ( 150-1 odds)
New England 7.5 units to win 30

- I thought Carolina would be better then they were, I bought into the hype
- Dallas was on track to bring me a pot of gold, but they faltered as of late. I could still make money hedging.
- Philly started off hot, but faded until Jeff Garcia started playing.
- Arizona could have turned it around with Edge and that cap money, but they disappointed. " They were NOT who we thought they were"
- All Green Bay had to do was make the playoffs for me to cash in with those 100-1 odds.
- Same with Tennessee, if they just merely made the playoffs, I could have made loot with those long shot odds.
- I bought New England later in the year and I believe they are a sleeping Giant. I like the Pats or Ravens to come out of the AFC.
- I could kick myself for not taking Baltimore at 30-1 odds. I liked them but wanted to lay off. I had the Ravens in the Superbowl last year but I was possibly a year to late.

My playoff action will have to consider I already have a stake in Philly, Dallas, and New England.

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