Saturday, January 13, 2007

Round 2

First of all, I'd like to give a big F- YOU to congress. The ban on online gambling is a freaking joke and I'll have more about that later. You would think there would be more important things to do than chase the working guy throwing down some money on the game and college kids playing I understand that there are some people that "abuse", their " right" to Gamble, but I see fat people every day that "abuse" their right to eat! Anything can be abused, and there are much more important things to do than chase the working guy who works hard during the week and throws down 100 bucks on the game on the weekend.

My first round playoff predictions were pretty right on with exception to the Dallas/ Seattle game and it's wild finish. Tony Romo is no longer Romosexual, but " Tony Butterfingers Romo".

I will stick with my second round picks and the way the Networks scheduled the games solidifies my confidence.

Game 1:
Indy @ Baltimore - Pick Ravens
That Colts D played pretty inspired at home, but now they will play on the wet road surface in Baltimore. We all love this game from a match up point of view, with the good offense against good defense but don't forget special teams. The Colts have had to convert their starters to play coverage on special teams to cover up poor play, while the Ravens have had a very good return game this year. If nothing else, special teams and bad weather help out the Black birds.

We will see a lot of Jamal Lewis and I see the Colts run defense coming back down to earth this week. Peyton has a lot of pressure on his shoulders and I think we will see more disappointment.

Game 2:
Eagles @ Saints - Pick Eagles
Thanks to the online gaming bill, I have no more funds overseas. The only action I have left, is super bowl futures on New England and Philly. I still think the Eagles will win this game, and the fact that it was slotted as the night game, plays out well for the road under dog. I'm not sold on the Saints defense, and I think the Eagles will avenge their earlier loss to New Orleans.

Game 3:
Seattle @ Chicago - pick Bears
A lot of people will want to " fade Rex Grossman", but I'll fade the Seahawks on the road. The Seahawks are the worst remaining team in the playoffs, and got into the post season by default ( a bad division). The Seahawks and Eagles run the truest form of the west coast offense, and they are facing a Bears team in the cold and maybe rain. I think we see a heavy dose of Thomas Jones, and the Bears win.

Game 4:
New England @ San Diego - Pick Patriots
I have the most riding on this game. The best part is that the NFL scheduled THIS game in the prime slot which gives special credence to the underdog. The networks and the guys running the show see this as the biggest and best game, which I love since I have the underdog.

This will not be an easy game for New England, but I think San Diego's season ends here. You almost have to feel sorry for Marty. He has turned around the Chargers who were a laughing stock before he got there. The Chargers have a good young team with Rivers, LT, and Merriman and they are facing the NFL's recent version of a dynasty.

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