Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday wild card weekend

KC @ Colts -7 ( 2 units) win
Dallas @ Seattle -1 ( 5 units) push

Everybody was so surprised that the Colts rush defense didn't get run over. I pointed out that the Colts rush D is considerably better at home, and the Chiefs rushing offense is considerably worse on the road. Sterling Sharpe and Dwight Freeney correctly told us after the game that the reason was execution and NOT scheme. The Colts defense were sick and tired of being told they stunk, and they played for pride. That home crowd was also very LOUD, and I believe those colts fans willed them to play better.

The second game was a disaster for me. I had 80 units worth of Dallas Superbowl futures that I was looking to hedge. I had 5 units on Seattle -1 which would have appeased me if I lost those heavy futures. The absolute worst thing happened which was a push on the game wager, and a LOSS on the futures. A better hedge would have been taking Seattle ML.

I am a fan on Pinnacle In game wagers. Right before the famous Romo botched snap, I took Seattle +365 for a unit thinking Dallas makes the kick, goes up 2, and then Seattle runs the 2 minute drill. I was planning to then bet Dallas +3 something giving me free money. Then Romo botches the snap and I didn't even have to make that second wager so I won 1.75 units on a .5 unit wager ( unposted). It reminds me that I had an unposted live in game wager of .5 units on Notre Dame the other day as well ( I guess it all evens out).

There is a lot to say about that Tony Romo botched snap. What Madden and Michaels missed, is the fact that Romo very nearly got the first down, without getting the touchdown. The play was just so similar to an extra point that they missed it. Instead of everybody picking on Tony Romo, the man that eventually tackled him came from the right side of the formation. Gramatica was going to try to block him but moved out of the way like a Matador in front of a bull. If Gramatica would have simply TRIED to block him, I believe Romo picks up that first down. I'm not saying that Gramatica needed to pancake that guy, but take a charge, get in his way, or dive at his legs and throw a cut block.

Tony Romo was the big goat of the game. He laid on the ground sobbing, and he looked out of it on the sidelines. You can joke that he should have been thinking LESS about Jessica Simpson and the other American Idiot, and more about the snap of the ball. People were saying that Romo looked pathetic laying on the ground sobbing.

I don't mind Romo feeling bad for losing the game. How many of these professional athletes even give a shit any more? People love college football because they " just love the game", where as the pros play for their job. Michael Vick is the highest paid player in the league and earlier in the Season Vick got frustrated and took himself out of a game he was losing. A few weeks ago against Dallas, Vick's Falcon lost the game and he was laughing and joking on the sidelines with teammates. I'm sure he was happy that he was getting paid and that he had some cool rushing yards that would show up on ESPN sports center in the losing effort.

I'd take a sobbing Romo after a loss, instead of a Mike Vick laughing on the sidelines after his team losses the game. I don't see how people can fault Romo for feeling bad for losing the game. Even if Gramatica makes that kick, Seattle would have probably marched that offense down the field to give Josh Brown a chance to win the game.

The other thing I realized yesterday is that I like John Madden a who heck of a lot more with Al Michaels as opposed to Pat Summerall. In the old days, Summerall would ask Madden these softball questions...
Pat: What do you think about Marshall Faulk?
John: Arrrgh arrrgh arrrgh, Marshall Faulk is a very good player
Pat: How about this Brett Favre character?
John: Arrgh arrgh arrrgh, they don't make them like they used to, Brett Favre is a special player.
Pat: John, tell us about Brad Johnson?
John: Arrgh arrgh arrgh, Brad Johnson is a tall guy, but he's no Brett Favre.

Now we have Al Michaels and his secret gambling innuendos he throws into his cast. Al Michaels isn't throwing these softball questions. I believe Michaels is the best play by play guy out there, and he is very in tune with what is going on in the game. I'd honestly rather have Michaels as the COLOR commentator over guys like Kornheiser or Theisman and here Micheals is announcing the game. He asks Madden these more difficult questions and we don't get these maddenisms to fill time. We don't get these madden rumblings where he starts rambling about Favre and players not even in the game. Michaels asks these questions and madden has no clue how to answer these questions and tones it down.

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