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Current Events/ First action of 07

First Action of 07

Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl 42, 12.5 units to win 450 ( 35/1 odds)
New England Patriots to win Super Bowl 41, 2.5 units to win 32.5 ( 12/1 odds)

I like to jump on NEXT years odds after THIS year ends. I can't believe the odds I got. Most of the Sports books offer the Eagles at 12/1 to 15/1 but I found them at 35/1. That means they are pretty much 3 times cheaper at the place I found them at which is ridiculous. I think the Eagles have as good a shot as anybody in the NFC and I'll tell you right now that 35/1 is off the mark. The very day AFTER I made my wager the odds dropped to 30/1. If anybody is interested in this opportunity send me an Email at and I will direct you to the book I found it at.

I think the New England Patriots are a clear favorite to win the trophy NEXT year but a lot of people feel that way. I seemed to find them at 6/1 to 8/1 but I found them at my same book at 12/1 which is a good deal. Who ever said anything about an efficient market hypothesis?

I want to write up in depth about why I like those odds, but I'd rather talk about some current events now. I'm listen to quite a bit of talk radio and various sports media and I'm still sick about the smack people talked about Darrent Williams the late Broncos corner back.

Darrent Williams

Some were saying that " nothing good happens out late at night". I understand their point and I would usually agree with them. But this was NEW YEARS EVE! Darrent was shot in the neck and killed while he was inside a limo at 2AM. He was LEAVING the club at 2AM in the morning which seems pretty standard to me. I would love to ask those critics where THEY were at 2AM on New Years! I can't believe the level of insensitivity people have for a young man with a bright future. His Punter was crying at the team facilities the next day. He was saying that Darrent treated him so well, like one of the guys, as opposed to treating him like some dorky punter that wasn't part of the team. I respect that, I respect that a lot.

One of my favorite Darrent Williams moments was one of my favorite moments of the season. When Denver played Indianapolis earlier in the year, Peyton Manning was staying away from Champ Bailey and throwing at Darrent Williams on the left side of the Denver defense. Manning kept going to Reggie Wayne and they had a very good game against Darrent. That was the same Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne who were lighting up the whole NFL so nothing against Darrent. A few weeks later the team who played Denver ( who it was escapes me) obviously watched film and tried to attack Darrent Williams on the left side as Peyton Manning had. We'll Darrent was ready for it and he played a good game and picked off the opposing quarterback. He was so happy and pumped and he kept saying " stop picking on ME!". I don't remember who Denver was playing but Phill Simms was doing the game and I just remember that moment as such triumph. We had just seen a player down in the dumps, but then he made a spectacular play and was feeling such joy. It was a great moment, they tried to bully him but he stood up to them and met the challenge.

Wade Phillips
He takes over in Buffalo for a 6-10 Marv Levy team. They go 29-19 and make the playoffs 2 out of 3 years under Wade Phillips and then he gets fired. After that Greg Williams takes over and the team goes 3-13 yet everybody thinks Phillips is some bum? The guy had success coaching defense in Atlanta and San Diego as well. Now I am NOT going to give Phillips any props for going 16-16 in Denver with John Elway, but his most recent coaching job in Buffalo was pretty good if you ask me. How he helped transform that 3-4 defense in San Diego was pretty good if you ask me. Jerry Jones wants Demarcus Ware to be used as Shawn Merriman was in San Diego and Phillips was the puppet man pulling the strings at defensive coordinator.

I think a lot of the criticism just has to deal with this idea popularized by the media that we need " new coaches to be given a chance". The media will demonize and slander these " used", " recycled" coaches and say that they are a part of " an old boy network". They make it seem like Wade Phillips is a worthless piece of trash that shouldn't be near the headset.

I believe a lot of this " old boy network" talk came about when the Rooney rule took effect. The media loves the idea of a " new guy getting a chance" pretty much regardless of skin color. Even if the guy is a young and inexperienced white guy like Lane Kiffen in Oakland. I think that this " hire the young inexperienced guy" is a DANGEROUS fad. I'm a free market kind of guy that says " just hire the best candidate that is available for the job" whether he is black, white, red, green, from mars, Jupiter, Pluto etc. I was checking out some NFL forums and people were saying that they wanted "coach X" to get a job because he " deserved it". I'm not for entitlements, I am for hiring the best damn coach available.

Martyball fired.

I guess going 14-2 wasn't good enough. I guess only 2 losing seasons in 21 years isn't good enough ( and one of them was 7-9). Oh yeah, Martyball can't win in the playoffs. I thought Bill Cower and Tony Dungy were the same way too. The whole thing is just so childish to me, I mean, two grown professionals fight so much that the owner had to FIRE one of the best coaches out there.

Was it really Martys fault that his corner picked the ball off on 4th down and was then stripped by a Patriots corner playing receiver ( Troy Brown)? Was it his fault that his defender lost his mind and had a crucial 15 yard penalty to keep the Pats drive alive? Was Marty such a bad coach because John Elway drove his team down the field in one of the most magical drives in NFL history? How about that Earnest Byner fumble? What about the playoff game that his kicker missed 3 field goals and his team lost by 3? Mary put his teams in position to win, but they didn't. He MADE HIS OPPONENT BEAT HIM. Now if Marty had these leads and kept playing aggressive and lost, people would still be bashing him but for other reasons. You can't win them all guys!

Marty won the most regular season games in 06/07 and he has been the winningest coach in 3 other seasons with 3 separate teams! It's not like Marty is sitting on some dynasty, he got the best results from THREE separate franchises.

I sort of feel sorry for the guy, he gets kicked to the curb AFTER all the other jobs have already been filled.

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