Sunday, February 18, 2007

Michael Irvin fired

Now I quit watching those pre-game shows a long time ago. All they do is spew worthless propaganda into the publics mind. Watching NFL Sunday countdown or any of the other shows a couple hours before kick off is about the worst thing a gambler can do. The only semi good information they provide is last minute injury updates, but I really don't care if Terry Bradshaw thinks Byron Leftwhich will be a good quarterback or not or if Jimmy Johnson thinks the Eagles are done.

Those analysts on the shows all have different roles. When they throw on a former coach, he might explain certain aspects of the game, comment on off-field controversy, and award credit to outstanding players. Jim Mora Jr. was on one of those shows and he was just praising everybody. Now surly you don't want to turn on your TV and listen to how both teams are outstanding and how the analyst just couldn't make a prediction, " I'd just hate to have to pick who I think will win this game". Why the hell would an analyst NOT want to make a prediction? Isn't that their job? Nobody wants to make a bold prediction, because people don't want to be wrong. Nobody wants them to roll that footage weeks later so everybody makes these " safe" picks. Scared money makes no money.

Michael Irvin was a character on his pre-game show. He wouldn't say these political correct answers but he would speak his mind, Cocaine induced and all. I like what he brought to the table, " the players perspective ".

Do you remember two years ago when Deuce Staley would have 22 carries for 94 yards ( 0 touchdowns) while Jerome Bettis would have 5 rushes for 4 yards and 2 touchdowns? Michael Irvin was asked how that would make him "feel" if he were Deuce Staley. Instead of giving some boring answer about " just winning" or being a good teammate, Irvin said that lack of goal line carries would piss him off. He talked about how Staley was being the work horse and then Bettis gets to get all the glory with those goal line carries. I want to hear that. I want to hear what people are really thinking. Shannon Sharpe says some pretty stupid things at times, but he also offers the players perspective ( as stupid as it may be).

People hate Irvin. They hate him because he was a Cowboy, they hate him because he's cocky, they hate him because he kept getting caught with coke, and they hate him because he's an asshole with an opinion. The last reason is why I like him. When Jim Mora Jr. is praising everybody who is playing the game, he is really praising nobody as well. Most of those people on those pre-game shows really aren't saying anything... but Irvin was.

The funniest Irvin moment was when Irvin was debating with Sean Salisbury ( a guy known to say even dumber things). Irvin was telling SS how some team was going to win. SS countered telling Irvin that the other team was going to win. They argued like a bunch of 4th graders until Irvin made some ridiculous comment. Salisbury countered with " what are you... on crack or something"?

Irvin also had this obsession with " #1 receivers". He loved to talk T.O and Me-shawn Johnson. He would also many times be the one leading the conversations. You could Irvin speaking his mind, while the other guys would sit there in a shell and not really say much. They would then ASK coach Ditaka what he was thinking ( to say something). Irvin would say what he would want, while those coaches would have to think of these politically correct responses.

None of those shows are worth watching anyway. The only guy I would really listen to is Steve Young.

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