Sunday, February 04, 2007

SB 41 Final thoughts

Colts to win Future( 12.5 units to win 18.75)
Colts -7 ( 2.5 units to win 2.5 units)

Once again, I am sick and tired of people and their cop out. Everybody is picking the Colts to win, but they think the Bears will cover. Teams that win games, cover the spread. This cop out is telling me that people want to play both sides of the fence. If the Colts win, everybody will tell their buddies at the water cooler on Monday that they were correct in picking the Colts. If the Bears win, everybody will go to the water cooler on Monday and say that they thought the Bears would cover.

I understand that everybody can IMAGINE the Bears winning. It really wouldn't be THAT big of an upset, but it's not going to happen. The Colts will win!

The Colts will win, Manning should win MVP, and the great quarterback debates will only begin. Right after the game the " Manning as the best ever" talks will begin with the talking heads and their post game chatter. Manning will finally and rightfully have his name inserted into " greatest QB of all-time" conversation. The Manning haters will congratulate Manning on that ring first ring, but they will say that he still needs 3 more to catapult Brady, Montana and Elway. So if Manning wins, " congrats, you were supposed to win ( as if it's easy to win a world championship or something)", but if Manning loses, he will once again carry the label of the great choke artist.

I would bet on Manning winning the MVP, or some of the Colts alternative point spreads ( winning by more than 7) but the odds at Bodog are horrible. If you bet on the colts to win by more than 14.5 points you barley double your wager.

An interesting angle is the fact that if Indy gets up early, Grossman will have the ball in his hands playing catch-up ball. That is disastrous for the Bears because they won't be able to attack that weak Colts rush defense. We have had some pretty close Super Bowls in the past, but this one could potentially get out of hand.

Think about how prepared Manning will be, and REMEMBER that Rex Grossman admitted publicly to not being prepared for the season finale against Green Bay. Now who do you think wins this game, arguably the best QB ever who is a true student of the game, or a marginal quarterback who admits to not being prepared from time to time? Now I understand that the quarterback is only 1 chess piece of a football team, but he is also the most important chess piece of a football team.

Enjoy the game.

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