Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Free Agents 3/7/07

Jamal Lewis to Cleveland. So does that mean no Adrian Peterson? Wasn't Jamal Lewis the Browns killer, and now he gets to face his old team twice a year? Maybe now Cleveland wants to trade Down in the draft and pick up additional picks. Does Minnesota, Miami, Washington or Atlanta want to move up?

Patrick Kerney to the Seahawks. He actually reminds me of the high motor Grant Wistrom already in Seattle. I can't wait to see the guy ROID OUT on 3rd downs in front of that loud Seattle crowd. I'd think those loud fans could appreciate high energy players.

Eric Johnson to New Orleans. Johnson is known to be a smart player and now he is in a good passing offense, seems like a good fit for fantasy football owners as well.

Daniel Grahmn to the Broncos. Seems like he's overpaid some. Especially since I was very impressed with Tony Scheffler at the end of last year. Grahmn is known as more of a blocking tight end, but he could catch as well. Looks like New England would rather have a cheaper alternative in Kyle Brady for a couple years.

Looks like the Dre Bly trade was almost going to happen with Washington for some deal involving Ladell Betts and/or Shawn Springs. It is also reported that Washington still might be trying to get Bly and that Bly wants to be in Washington so that he gets a contract NOW instead of having to play out the final year of his current deal. Teams understand that players play harder in the final year of the deal to EARN that deal. Did I mention that Washington wants to sign him anyway? Suprise suprise. There were also rumors that Washington couldn't reach a deal for Bly because they pissed away all their draft picks and Detroit wanted some.

Patrick Ramsey to the Broncos. Ramsey is a big tall quarterback from the south with a very strong arm. Sort of sounds like Jay Cutler.

Looks like the Falcons might be bringing in Joe Horn. So does this mean when Mike Vick still isn't a good quarterback next year, we'll have to hear the excuse that Joe Horn is old and done and Vick had no receivers?

I was watching the Brady Quinn interview on NFL Network. The thing that surprised me was that Quinn seems to still think he's going to be the first player selected in the draft. He was asked about Cleveland and Minnesota ( who had their head coaches watch his pro day) and he said that he would like playing in Ohio and the Cleveland could possibly trade up to that #1 spot. I don't know if Brady really "thinks" he will be the top pick or if he is saying that for political reasons. I like Brady, but sometimes I think he just has these boring robotic answers to the media. I can't blame him, but sometimes it gets old.

Speaking of the NFL Network, where do they get some of these clown analysts. The guy was talking about the Cardinals needs and saying that they should take Adrian Peterson because they need a running back. Does this guy even watch the Cardinals? They invested a high pick on JJ Arrington and a lot of money on Edge James. He said that Edge is getting old and that they still need "production" so they should draft AP. Are you kidding me?

Maybe, just maybe nobody can run in Arizona because their line sucks. I watch a lot of Cardinals football the past 2 years and noticed they have a big offensive line that is designed to just bulldoze people ( with big guys like Lenoard Davis). Well that plan doesn't work. Those big guys couldn't maul anybody and their feet were too slow in pass protection. I noticed earlier in the year that the Cards rarely ever pulled lineman. They just tried to line up and blow the guy on the other side of the ball up. That didn't work.

Later in the year Arizona tried to pull lineman and that didn't work either ( were they too slow, or didn't practice pulling enough?) Arizona needs to address their offensive line or their defense. If Quinn does go in the first 3 picks like he thinks he might, then maybe Joe Thomas falls to the Cards at 5. If not maybe they can grab the best defensive stud available. I have no idea why the NFL Network's Charles Davis thinks they need to invest MORE money on a running back.

Brady Quinn brought up an interesting point when he "expected" to be the first player selected. The media has all of these projections, but they are just projections of what people think those teams need, and who the best players available are. We really have no idea if the Raiders like Jemarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, or Calvin Johnson better. Most of the media has Russell penciled in at #1, but with the Raiders who knows. A lot of these teams picking high in the first round are doing so for a reason ( not the best management and track record). We have no idea if Matt Millen will take tackle Joe Thomas ( like he is projected to do), but he could honestly selected a receiver ( Calvin Johnson) or maybe take AP like Marshal Faulk thinks. We have no idea about what Cleveland will do at 3, or if they will even keep the pick, and the rest is a crap shoot after that.

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