Saturday, March 03, 2007

Free Agents

I added my 3rd wager of the 07/08 season

It appears that Adalis Thomas will become a New England Patriot, so I added 11 units to win 110 units on the Patriots Future to win the Super Bowl ( 10-1) odds. I already bet 12.5 units on the Eagles at 35/1 after the Super Bowl, and a smaller wager 2.5 unit wager on the Pats at 12/1.

It looks like the Pats will add the explosive Ravens linebacker Adalis Thomas. He goes to visit the Pats on the first day of free agency and people were already linking the two as good suitors for each other. Thomas is a veteran linebacker who has played in a 3-4 and 4-3 defense. The guy has played every position on defense and is a hard hitting versatile player. The grand chess master BB in New England would just love to have another great piece. The Pats have money, and need a linebacker. Sounds like a good fit.

The Pats also appear to be ready to sign Kyle Brady. Now Brady won't be going to the Pro Bowl anytime soon, but he is a solid vet player who they would probably sign to a fair deal. Brady would be a blocking tight end who would replace Daniel Grahmn who they probably won't resign ( some team will over pay him). So the Pats would rather sign Brady, Kyle to a fair deal instead of over paying Daniel Grahmn. That also fits the profile of the Patriots business model.

An interesting fact about Kyle Brady if I remember correctly is that he is a virgin. I believe when A.C. Green was breaking a consecutive games played streak in the NBA, they were talking about A.C. ( a virgin) and some other athletes that choose to abstain. I guess it would show a team that a player has discipline, and with the talk of the league cracking down on naughty behavior, I wouldn't expect Brady to be on Daunte Culpeckers sex boat cruise.

If the Pats plug up these two needs, I'd also expect them to sign whoever the Broncos, Giants, and Ravens don't sign to a fair deal. Maybe they will sign a guy like Ahman Green, Jamal Lewis, TJ Duckett, or Domonic Rhodes to a lesser deal.

The Pats also have two later first round draft picks which they can use to sign big name college players or use as trade bait. I wouldn't be shocked if the Pats went after the disgruntled Oakland Wide Receiver Randy Moss. Moss has Corey Dillon syndrome right now and doesn't want to play for a circus of an organization. The Raiders are probably looking to dump him before new management takes over and the Pats could potentially send a 2nd round pick to Oakland for him. How would you like that Tom Brady?

Other News

Looks like the 49ers have locked in top corner back Nate Clements to an 8 year 80 million dollar contract with 22 million guaranteed. The 49ers do look to have over paid the guy but they had the most free cap space and had to spend it somewhere. You might as well add a top notch corner back to your joke of a secondary.

Some people never learn. Daniel Synder had Fred Smoot and London Fletcher taken to the Wizards game last night in a private Limo. Does anybody see a pattern here? Snyder brings in some big free agent names, the Redskins fans shout Super Bowl in early march, and then they have the same crappy team that has two playoff appearances in the past 15 years. I can't stand these Deadskins fans around me. Last time I checked the Redskins still don't have a pass rush, and their Left Guard just signed for Buffalo. Then they resign their old quarterback Mark Brunell. I wonder how many teams would have done that? Plummer was to be traded, Bledsoe is done, the Eagles don't want to pay Jeff Garcia, Kerry Collins is done, Trent Green is on the trading block, but the Redskins reward Mark Brunell with a new contract.

The Redskins have the " grass is greener on the other side". They always want to sign the big name, that they let home grown guys like Antonio Pierce, Ryan Clark, Robert Royal, Derrick Dockery and Fred Smoot go. Maybe instead of signing guys like Adam Archuletta you should just keep guys like Ryan Clark? I forgot that this team is more concerned with selling new jerseys instead of winning, my bad.

Domonic Rhodes visited the Giants. I'd rather see the Giants sign him to a modest deal and split time with Brandon Jacobs then see the Giants use their first round pick on a running back.

Ed Hartwell and Ike Reese were cut from the Falcons. Could Hartwell go back to Baltimore and replace Adalis Thomas? Hartwell isn't as versatile, but he's good in the middle. At times I thought he could shed blocks better than the speedy Ray Lewis. Ike Reese should be a good special teams signing for somebody ( maybe back to Philly?). The guy layed the hit of the year on the Dallas return man late in the year last year.

The Falcons got rid of two defenders, but signed Fullback Ovie Mugelli and lost Justin Griffth. I can't wait until Mike Vick has more excuses about his blocking and his teammates.

The Bills added Derrick Dockery and Langston Walker. Two huge mauler type lineman. Maybe they will really try and dump Mcghee ( to a team like Denver or NY) and try and employ more of a power run game. Dock and Walker are huge power run blockers and the Bills have a top O-Line coach in Jim Mcnally.

The Saints are in talks with Ken Hamlin and Brian Simmons. Hamlin could replace the burned Fred Thomas and Simmons could help bolster that linebacking core. The Saints need to address their back 7 on defense and they look to be doing so. I'm not sure I'd want Ken Hamlin partying around the big easy though. The guy already going hit in the face with a stop sign once so hopefully he learned to "STOP"

Chris Dielman visited Seattle. The guy is there to potentially replace Steve Hutchinson. Now wouldn't it have been easier to just resign Hutchinson in the first place? I am not sure if that was feasible last year but my point is that teams should build from within and retain their top talent. This is a perfect example of that. Free agency is to tweek a few holes on a team, not to BUILD a team like the Washington jokeskins.

Kevin Carter released from Miami. Good defensive lineman are hard to come by. Throw in the fact that Carter is very durable and he should get paid alright by some team. Everybody needs more pass rush.

Eric Steinbach to the Browns. They could use some help on the offensive line. They tried to ink a top guy last year in Bentley, but that didn't work out so they try again. They don't have a top notch QB so they are looking to fight it out in the trenches with a guy like Steinbach and weaken a division rival.

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