Friday, March 02, 2007

Lions Trade Dre Ble to Denver for T. Bell, Foster, late round pick.

Denver ripped off the Lions big time. Holy crap.
Detroit didn’t want Bly anymore, and Denver was in obvious need of a corner so the price tag on Bly ( the best player in the deal) was low.

The ironic thing is that T. Bell was the draft pick that was traded in the Redskins, Bailey and Bell ( 2nd round pick) for Portis deal.

George Foster is more of a mauler which isn’t as required in the Denver zone blocking schemes. The guy was benched later in the year and was totally expendable for Denver.

Give the Broncos front office credit for realizing RB’s are “fungible” and they sent off a guy that wasn’t even the solid starter. Mike Bell had his share of carries this year and was actually set to open the year as the opening day starter ( remember that fantasy players)?

The first thing this reminds me of is the old fantasy baseball/football trades where you send 2 average players for 1 good one. Denver sends a backup/ part time starting RB and a marginal/ back up starting RT and get a big play corner in return.

It also reminds me of how Billy Beane will build up the value of say a closer, and then trade the guy when everybody else is so high on him. Denver builds up the value of the speedy but raw Bell, and then trades him.

Denver now really has the option of being able to blitz a whole heck of a lot more with having two corners that can play man and stud safety in John Lynch. I’ll be shocked if the Broncos don’t blitz more and in turn get a lot more sacks/turnovers. Remember, their defense was pretty stout early in the year last year and showed flashes.

Matt Millen is just plain foolish. The guy is joe freaking public in a luxury box. He gets rid of a rare NFL commodity ( a big play man/man corner) and gets an average lineman and a back who’s production is enhanced by his team.

I can’t get over this trade. Think of the possibilities this unleashes for Denver. Today’s NFL is a zone defense league in light of the rule changes in the defensive backfield. Not many teams play man/man defense and it’s because most teams don’t even have the ability to play man/man defense. Not everybody could play man/man even before the illegal contact down field rule.

Now wouldn’t go so far as to say that Bly is a shut down corner because he’s not, but he’s a good corner, and when you combine that with Baliey, Denver might have the best corner tandem in the league. Those opposing QB’s better be ready for the Blitz. Damon Huard, Andrew Walter and the young Phillip Rivers better watch out.

Remember, a Man/Man corner can play zone, but a zone corner can’t play man/man. It’s a hell of a lot harder to play somebody man/man, especially when Detroit’s pass rush is a joke. You also don’t have to advertise that you don’t want Bly which will diminish his value for potential trades. Negotiations 101.

Also, you don’t trade Dre Bly based on his value on YOUR team, you trade him based on his value to others. Just because Detroit had him in a lot of underneath zone, doesn’t mean Denver will ( and pay him as such next year).

If you don’t think it’s a bad trade, then take a look at the upcoming free agency. Detroit could pick up those caliber players in FA and give up nothing in return.
On the other hand, you better open up your check book if you want to sign a good corner back. Nate Clements is going to be rich very soon.

There are tons of good running backs out there, and plenty of starter/backup caliber lineman, but only so many good corners. Simple Economics says that Detroit got ripped off.

Congrats Denver, you ripped off the Redskins and another big bozo. I hear New England needs a Wr and a LB. I hear Matt Millen is thinking of Trading Ernie Simms and Roy Williams to Scott Pioli of the Patsies for some magic beans. Just a rumor.

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