Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Off season update

Those NFL futures are looking real solid by now.
NE Pats ( 12/1 & 10/1)
Philly Eagles ( 35/1)

Right now I checked two sources and saw the Eagles at 12/1 and 18/1
The Pats are at an amazing 3/1 and 5.5/1. I also saw them at 1/1 to win the AFC !

So basically if you wanted to bet on the Pats or Eagles you would have to basically have to put up 2 or 3 times as much money to win the same payout. The "paper gains" are looking mighty solid and the season hasn't even kicked off yet.

One of the main things I wanted out of Philly was to get that big play LB ( Briggs or Thomas). They ended up getting Takeo Spikes instead. Buffalo basically dumped Spikes's fat salary. What are the Bills trying to do? They got rid of probably their two best defenders in Spikes and Clements. Philly had to part ways with a cost effective Darwin Walker at DT and a draft pick. Philly gets rid of a DT who played in a rotation ( with two high draft picks), but picks up a big play LB. If Spikes can be anywhere near his old self, Philly makes out well and should be on a title run. They had to part with a player, but it's not like you can hope to get something for nothing. Philly will now have a chance to play youngsters Bunkley and Patterson that they already invested in.

- The Redskins were reportedly interested in Jemarcus Russell. I thought that rumor had to be bogus, but now it appears the Skins are in trade talks with the Bears.

Briggs and the 31st pick for Washington's #6 pick.
- I wonder who the Bears would take at #6? Maybe Alan Branch so that they could keep that D-Line young and rich, and they could also have a nasty pair at DT with Branch and Harris ( watch out Henderson and Stroud). By beefing up that line, they might be able to get by without Briggs ( key word is MIGHT).
- Somebody needs to tell Washington that it doesn't matter how good your back 7 is, if you can't get pressure on the quarterback. That team needs a pass rush more than life itself. Andre Carter can be a decent player, but you can't expect him to be an instant pass rush. Carter won't command a double team like a Michael Strahan, Julious Peppers, Jason Taylor etc. If you don't double down on those guys, your playing with fire. Carter can still be handled by above average left tackles in single coverage.

- Matt Schaub was traded to Houston. The Falcons moved up a couple picks in the first round, and traded 2 second rounders. The trade package is supposed to equal about the 20th pick of the first round.

The thing that Schaub can provide that a QB selected 20th is that he has been in the league a few years, adjusted to the speed of the game, and has at least practiced with the pros and their protection schemes. I'm a big fan of letting the QB sit a couple years before he gets to play. I know that isn't always an option in today's NFL, but sometimes those QB's that get thrown to the wolves turn into tampered goods.

I like how Schaub personally called all 50 of his new teammates. I think a lot of those pros will respect that, and it shows initiative from Schaub. That seems like something a leader would do, or somebody who is TRYING to become a leader. It also helps that he has one of the very best quarterback coaches in Gary Kubiak to mentor him. Kubiak didn't kiss David Carrs ass like a lot of people would have. He told Carr that it wasn't just the line that was the problem, but his holding onto the ball forever and poor reads that got him sacked at an alarming rate throughout his career.

A lot of people are looking at Schaub as a risk, and they don't like that he has very few starts. I think that can be a good thing. I mean, isn't every first round draft pick a risk? This guy was in NFL purgatory for a few years ( the bench), and now he's hungry. His lack of starts could have shielded him from the embarrassment and criticism that many young quarterbacks face. I don't see paying the inexperienced Schaub any different than paying any other rookie 1st round pick that hasn't played.

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