Sunday, March 18, 2007


No, I'm not talking about touchdown scoring play makers, I'm talking about the bust ESPN TV show play makers.

Right after the Super Bowl Dominic Rhodes gets arrested for driving 80 in a 65 while driving drunk. I wonder how much money cost the free agent Rhodes? Well, he signed a 4 year deal with the Raiders which should be more than enough punishment.

Adam "Pac Man" Jones. The guys off field habits were questioned even before he was drafted by the Titans. We've all heard this story so many times, but what seems to come up every time is that he was throwing a trash bag full of money on stage and then trying to take the money back after the strippers were collecting. He apparently assaulted a woman on tape, and the club owner says he ordered the shootings. Now who knows what happened ( it is still being investigated), but the bottom line is that people were shot and seriously injured. It's not like this is the first time the guy got into trouble, he was suspended from his own TEAM already this year. He's had about 10 incidents, and been involved in other violent crime ( shooting and beating a guy with a pool stick in a bar fight). One of his "friends" is a big time drug dealer and it is said that Pacman bets on college football. When the smoke clears from the investigation, I don't know how the NFL will continue to let this guy play.

Jeremy Stevens is the newest character to the NFL reality show play makers. Here we have another free agent who was pulled over for a DUI and weed. Now that isn't exactly good behavior, but we all know people who have been arrested for those crimes. What got me was his previous rap sheet of beating a guy with a baseball bat, accused drugging and raping of a girl, a hit and run, and DUI. Then there is an article from the Seattle Times talking about how he neighbors of his wealthy neighborhood want to have a meeting to possibly evict Stevens ( but he had to miss it because of this arrest). I'm guessing he lives in some sort of an apartment complex because his neighbors say that they have found vomit and used condoms on their back decks. They frequently hear loud fights, illegal fireworks, he parks where ever he wants and gives the building code to his friends. If he does every play professional football again, he certainly won't be signed at what he would have gotten as a "model citizen". The irony of the situation is that the cop that recently arrested him had to point out how Stevens "dropped his wallet and keys". Now that normally might not be a big deal, but it adds insult to arrest for a guy know for key drops in the Super Bowl.

Maybe the strangest incident would be with Jaguars Wideout Charles Sharon. He gets in his parked car with another man when a cop smells weed coming from the car. The cop searches the car and finds a Glock model 27 handgun under the seat that was stolen from a federal ATF

Not only do these incidents hurt the reputation of a team, but they hurt the reputation of the game of football. You also have to wonder how much money these incidents cost the players? These untimely arrests could end up costing guys millions of dollars. For some players, they might even lose their job over bad behavior. The better the player is though, the more it seems to get swept under the rug. Then there are certain teams that have habitual offenders. You used to think of the Raiders as not necessarily criminals, but "bad boys". Now you have the Bengals are running away with the crown when something like 1/7th of their roster was arrested last year. The NFLPA is already talking about legislation such as a "three strikes and your out" policy. I don't know how to stop it, but I don't like to open up the newspaper and see the reputation of my favorite league tarnished every so often.

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