Friday, April 27, 2007

2nd and final Mock Draft

1. Oakland - Jemarcus Russell- Al Davis can't ignore that Long Toss
2. Atlanta - Calvin Johnson- I believe the 2nd pick will be for sale. Numerous teams will submit offers to the Lions ( Bucs, Skins, Atlanta, Minny, Denver). There are rumors that the active owner Arthur Blank told Rich Mccay his GM to " get that hometown receiver". It wouldn't shock me, Blank was disguisted with the production at receiver last year and doesn't think Vick is the problem. That's where I believe the Matt Schaub trade fits in. Mckay trades Schaub for AMMO to grab Johnson. I believe Atlanta will end up sending the 8 pick, and either both second rounders, or 1 second rounder and NEXT years first rounder. Now Vick will have no excuses.
3. Cleveland - Brady Quinn- The owner wants a franchise QB, the owner gets one.
4. Tampa Bay- Gaines Adams- The Bucs need pass rush and bring him in to rebuild the Defense.
5. Arizona- Joe Thomas- The Cards need help on their offensive line and grab the top O-Line prospect on the board to protect their young QB.
6. Washington- Amobi Okoye- The skins need pass rush more than life itself. I'm sure they would rather have a DE, but Okoye is a very interesting young man. They wouldn't mind trading, and I hear they might still pull off that trade for Lance Briggs with the Bears.

I believe the Bears are WAITING for the trade and the trade will happen if Gaines Adams is still on the board. The Bears know that DE is a more valued position than a LB. If they can grab the stud Gaines Adams and get rid of their hold out they will do it, but I believe he will already be off the board so no trade in my mock draft.
7. Minnesota - Laron Laundry- They need a receiver, DL, but you can't ignore the BPA in Laundry.
8. Detroit - Patrick Willis- The Lions are rumored to like G. Adams and Willis. They have a defensive minded head coach who runs the cover 2. I do believe if they trade down, they will be taking a defensive player who plays in the front
9.Miami - Levi Brown- They need offensive line help. Brown is the #2 rated tackle.
10. Houston - Adrian Peterson- He is the player that I have falling. I believe his running style and injury history ( and even current injury) will make teams weary of paying a running back that kind of money.
11. San Fran - Adam Carriker- Will move right into a starting DE position in the 34 in SF.
12. Buffalo- Leon Hall- Tries to fill the void of Nate Clements.

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