Saturday, April 14, 2007

More NFL

Pacman has game over for a year? Why do people argue with this? What if it was YOU that was doing your job at work one night when YOU got shot in the neck? Getting suspended 1 year should be the least of that guys worried. The guys been involved with police over 10 times!

He must have some great publicist because now he's supposed to go "back to school". Is that really such a great idea? Is he really a studious kind of guy or the guy that got in trouble with police over a hand full of times back in college... beating people with pool sticks, bar fights, etc. So my question to you... Is it really a good idea to go back to college with all those girls, parties, drugs, alcholol and that bad reputation? What if drunk college kid goes up to him and tells him off? It's not like West Virginia isn't a party school.

Looks like Al Wilson was cut by the Broncos... I'll be the Lions and Giants are glad they didn't end up trading for him. Speaking of the Giants, looks like they are interested in Anthony Wright and Charles Rodgers as low key free agent signings. Jared Lorenzen is currently Eli's backup but would he ever play, or just be Eli's caddy? If Manning gets hurt my money is on Wright to play QB. Charles Rodgers didn't work out in Detroit, but being such a high draft pick you'd think the guy has enough talent to be the Giants 4th receiver on the depth charts. I like the idea of Detroit buying the new car, and the Giants buying the used car at a severe discount.

I can't get enough of the NFL. I'm considering going to the draft next. I was actually at the draft last year on day 2 ( with the true fans) but didn't get a chance to go in.

I was thinking of who would be the higher and lower risk prospects. The quarterbacks at the top are obviously higher risk prospects. They could either end up leading a franchise for 15 years, or a waste of a high pick and leading to more years of disaster.

The top lower risk prospect on offense would be Calvin Johnson. Not only does he have all the measure ables, but he has outstanding character at a position that can typically lack character. Receivers can typically bust at a high rate ( as well as quarterbacks), but Johnson is just different.

An outstanding lower risk prospect on defense would be Leron Laundry. Now safety isn't as important as a position as Corner or Defensive end, but Laundry would be one of the most athletic corners in the league already. Many corners start to age and then they move to safety where their minds can make up for their legs. Safeties are usually slower than corners, but not Laundry. Leron would be one of the faster CORNERS in the league, but he's patrolling back in the secondary as a safety. He could end up like a Sean Taylor or Brian Dawkins. It's not so much the position, but the fact that the guy is just a play maker. Look at the fumbles that Taylor or Dawkins could create. Sure, they might not be locking down a receiver like a stud corner can, but he could cause fumbles, and create fear back there in a secondary. You want a defense full of players that offenses fear... Receivers will fear running over Laundry's middle of the field. Not only that, but with his speed he COULD match up on corners. Sometimes offenses run guys in motion to create mismatches ( a safety covering a speedy receiver), but a defense could get by with Laundry on a receiver.

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