Wednesday, July 04, 2007

7.4.07 Off Season Update

Is the season here yet?

The NFL Network was showing a special today on the top drafts busts of all time. It was pretty predictable but worth the watch. They had interviews with players and personnel people, and Matt Millen just happened to be one of them. I found it funny that he was arguing that Brian Bosworth wasn't that bad of a player.

Now some of the players on this show weren't terrible players, but they vastly fell short of the high expectations that were laid out for them. Matt Millen isn't know to be a particularly smart guy, and arguing the case for one of the larger drafts busts is Matt Millen at his finest.

Tank Johnson is done... good riddance
Chris Henrey is done... good riddance
Pac man is game over... good riddance

Way to show up at a boxing match with Mike Vick when you get banned from the league and have these accusations swarming over your heads. Of course you guys don't attack security guards, strippers, and let dogs kill each other... that would be illegal, you guys only like legal violence like boxing. Riiiight.

Clinton Portis, what were you thinking? Portis isn't the brightest star in the Galaxy, but arguing that it was Mike Vicks dogs, his yard, his property and his business is beyond stupid. I think Chris Samuels was laughing at the shock value of the whole comment. I knew Portis wasn't very smart, but geez.

Mike Vick is linked with one of the most bizzare off field stories I've seen in a while with the dog fighting ring. He lied to the commish and said he didn't know anything about that, so the ruthless commish has to decide if he will bend the rules for Vick.

In the midst of this disgusting scandal, Vick comes out and says something of the effect that " people will always love Mike Vick". Errrrr no Mike, not if your out killing dogs for pleasure. The whole talking in the 3rd person is getting real old too.

So is this offseason scripted?

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