Friday, August 17, 2007

Mailbag 8/17/07

Horses Writes -
Only season total I would probably disagree with is the 'Skins; their offense looks like it'll be solid if everything I'm reading about Campbell is true (I know, DC papers). Landry is a nice addition to the back though I would have liked to have seen a DL taken...I imagine Adams would've been their guy if he was still there, but I still think they'll figure out a way to get a little more heat on the QB (biggest weakness LY IMO).Thanks for the thoughts, C.

My response -
Would you probably disagree with the skins, or would you disagree?
The #1 problem with that team is their D-Line. It was such a glaring hole and they didn't even address it at all. Phillip Daniels and Reynaldo Wynn will NOT get the job done. Don't they understand that defense is about pressuring the quarterback? Their front 7 was an absolute joke last year. Granted they did bring in London Fletecher, but they had 1 good linebacker last year ( Washington) and he was surrounded by trash. Warrick Holdman is trash. Washington is still coming back from injury.

Do you understand that the redskins defenese was historically bad at creating turnovers and sacking the opposing quarterbacks? That is a direct function of pass rush and they did NOTHING to change that. Champ Bailey, Assante Samuel, Walt Harris and possibly a few other corners had more interceptions than the entire redskins team defense!

I think it was 2 years ago that Shawn Springs led the team in sacks from the corner position. The Giants and Eagles have backup Defensive ends that are better than anything the redskins have.

Eagles: Kearse, Howard, Trent Cole, Juqua Thomas
Giants Strahan, Osi, Kiwi, tuck
Deadskins: Carter, Daniels, Wynn

I am not joking, but I would honestly rather have Trent Cole and Juqua Thomas over Carter and Daniels. I would also rather have Kiwi and Justin Tuck over the redskins ends. So forget about the Freak, Strahan, FA Howard, or the up and comer in Osi Omenyouri, the Giants and Eagles BACKUP ends are better than the redskins STARTERS. That is not only good for injury insurance, but the Eagles were good at rotating their D-Line to keep everybody fresh, and the pressure coming as hard in the 4th quarter as it came in the 1st quarter.

I have seen data that suggests DE is the most important position on defense ( which I believe), and I have also seen data that suggests Corner is the most important position on D. Either way, the redskins defense is screwed.

Think about this...The NFC East had 3 playoff teams last year. It sucks to have 2 playoff teams in your division, but the East had 3. That is 6 guaranteed playoff games right there and no breaks at all. There is no Oakland/Detroit.Houston or easier game for washington... rather, they are the easier game for their opponents.

Tiki Barber pissed on them to the tune of 200 yards on their home field. It's not like the Redskins couldn't sack quarterbacks, or intercept passes, they got pissed on stopping the run too. That front 7 was the problem. So you think bringing in an undersized and aging London Fletcher is going to fix that whole front 7? I don't.

Joe Gibbs is coaching in what seems to be his final year, on a joke of a team. His grandson has some health issues, and Gibbs still doubles in his NASCAR life. He's also coaching for the worst owner in all of professional sports. I wouldn't be suprised if they tanked the season like they did last year. Remember old man gibbs didn't even have shotgun formations his first year as a coach. What about portis and the coaches fighting?

Then we have Jason Campbell. Everybody blamed all the problems on Mark Brunell last year, but Jason Campbell wasn't any better at all. The guy had obvious difficulties in the redzone, and didn't light the world on fire. His slower deliver doesn't bode well for a long term projection. He wasn't even close to playing 2 years ago, and the only reason he got a shot last year is because the team tanked the season, and brunell wasn't playing that well either.

Jason Campbell is clearly pegged as the weakest QB in the divison. Mcnabb is clearly #1, Romo was leading the league in QB rating late last year, and Eli Manning has thrown what, 52TD passes in his last 2 years? Manning has led the Giants to the playoffs both years as a starter? What has Jason Campbell ever done?

Manning and Romo played good and bad last year, but it is easier to fix the bad, then it is to be good in the first place. They made mistakes last year, that Campbell will make this year. Then again, Joe Gibbs will probably keep the training wheels on Campbell and try and RUN the ball ( Like other teams won't know that is coming). Don't forget, the Redskins have a short group of receivers. Moss is short, Randel El is a midget, and Lloyd is right at 6'. Shorter receivers are quicker and more agile, but they are a harder target to throw to.

When I look at the Redskins against the other last place in their division teams, I don't think they are that bad. They certainly aren't in the Raiders of last years category, but they aren't a good team by any means. To win with a quarterback like Jason Campbell or Byron Leftwhich etc. you need the rest of your team firing on all cylinders. With that Poor of a defensive line, I don't see that team being so great. The Wasington Redskins look like a 6,7, or 8 win team to me. I'd have to look at their schedule to peg them, but they don't look like a playoff team.

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