Friday, August 17, 2007

NFL futures/ who to ride/who to fade

Already played
Pats SB 10-1 and 12-1
Eagles SB at 36-1
looking at season win totals
Minnesota under 7
49ers under 7.5 ( +145)
Deadskins under 7.5
Kansas City under 7.5
New Orleans Over 9.5
Eagles Over 9.5
NY Giants over 8.5
Looking to play
Jax at home
Pitt at home
Seattle at home
STL home overs
NO home overs
Lions overs ( home road)
Colts Home/Dome overs
Bengals overs
Eagles ( good road play)
Pats ( especially after a loss)
Giants ( early in the year)
Looking to fade
Vikings ( especially on the road)
49ers ( road, not at home)
Lions (road)
SD ( early season fades)
Want to see early
Trent Green in Miami
Raiders offensive Line
Schaub in Houston
Whole team of San Diego
49ers offense
Garcia and the Bucs D

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