Monday, September 17, 2007


Trying to make Week 2 profitable

6 units on Philly ML (-290) to win a little over 2 units.

I wouldn't call Philly a lock, but they do have a greater than 75% chance of winning this game. It is possible that they can lose ( which is why I didn't empty my pockets on this game), but I feel very confident that they at least win this one.

They outplayed Green Bay in Green Bay last week, and deserved the win ( I am still bitter about that one). They will give a strong effort tonight in front of the home crowd to get their first win.

Washington on the other hand barley beat Miami, and will lose this divisional matchup. Their best shot at winning would be to keep the ball out of Jason Campbells hands, and try and run the ball behind that banged up offensive line. You know your team is the underdog when you want to " keep the ball out of your quarterbacks hand".

Donovan on the other hand should have more time to throw ( the redskins pass rush stinks), unless they start bringing pressure ( which leaves other things open).

Donovan is a good quarterback, and not somebody you really have to worry about when you bet on. Now if you are betting on a Jake Plummer ( or Tavaras Jackson) type, that worries you.

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