Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week 1 recap

Week 1 Recap
NO/Indy 2nd half over = Won 5 units
Philly -2.5 @ GB = Lost 5.75 units
Giants +6 @ Dallas = Lost 5 units
Pitt @ Browns +5 = Lost 2 units
Carolina +1.5 @ St. Louis = Won 2 units
Miami @ Washington = Push 2 units
Baltimore @ Cincy -3 = Won 1 unit
Total = 3-3-1 ATS ( Minus 4.75 units)

Philly played better than Green Bay but lost the game because of 2 failed catches on punt returns. Green Bays offense did nothing, and didn't even have one good long drive the entire game. It hurts to pick the better team, but lose a game like that.

It also hurts when the Giants starting Quarterback, Running back, and Pro bowl Defensive end all get hurt. The offense was better than people expected, while the defense was worse. I still feel that if Eli would have finished that game, the Giants would have covered. Another tough loss.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland, see write up. I didn't get to watch this one live, but I took some notes...

- Cleveland had 4 penalties on their first punt ( that is both rare and horrible)
- Steelers had excellent field position, and scored on very short fields
- Steelers had some super exotic blitzes/stunts with DL, LBs, and DBs on defense. Their 3rd and 4th sacks doomed Cleveland from the start with overload blitzes.
- Charlie Frye was sacked 5 times in about 1.5 quarters and was pulled because he held onto the ball forever. He was on pace to get sacked over 10 times for the game.
-With a score of 17-0 the Steelers had no long drives, they were just working on short fields and had one long pass to S.Holmes. I wasn't impressed with the offense thus far.
- Derek Anderson came in and was getting rid of the ball a lot quicker than Frye was.
- The Browns brought TE Heinen in motion right being the RT to block that overload blitz the Steelers kept running, and it actually worked as he picked it up.
- Steelers Offense was not impressive the first half, they had one decent WR reverse and one long pass to Holmes, but not much else.
- Big Ben was only 6/16 passing in the first half, but the short fields allowed him to throw for 2 touchdowns ( with only 6 completions).
- Big Ben finished the game only 12/23 but had 4 touchdowns because of short fields, and the Steelers only passing when they had to in the second half.
- Rich Gannon calling the game said that the key to for the Browns was to work away from the zone blitz, not play towards it.
- Bruce A. the Steelers offensive coordinator calls the game from on the field ( not the booth), I find that very bizarre. There is no way he could see the game as good from the sidelines.
- Steelers ran the ball better in the 2nd half and their reverses worked " they called them at the right times?"
- The score was a blowout, but it wasn't a typical blowout game in an offensive sense, this game was a blowout because of the Steelers defense ( creating good field position) and not their offense.
- Davenport is underrated for the Steelers, and is a good big back that can help them close out games and gain tough rushing yards in between the tackles. So much emphasis is placed on stats and fantasy football, that people don't look at teams 2nd or 3rd running backs ( like the Patriots last year with Dillon, Mahroney and Faulk).

I was also thinking about the 3-4 and in general during this game, here were some thoughts...
- You get one extra LB instead of a DT ( more speed)
- You get the combination for more stunts/blitzes to confuse opposing quarterbacks
- Instead of getting sacks from a defender beating a guy 1 on 1 ( like a 4-3), you can get more sacks from miscommunication/confusion on offense, and unblocked defenders that can cause turnovers. So the 4-3 is more about talent, where as the 3-4 can allow you to force mental errors and you can out scheme people. That could be why Pittsburgh is called linebacker U, where they plug people in.
- It is cheaper to run a 3-4, because premier (4-3) defensive ends are more expensive than linebackers ( with exception of Richard Seymour).
- Supply and Demand works to the advantage of the 3-4, less teams run a 3-4, so there is less demand for players that are better suited for a 3-4.

Teams Games I have watched ( this is for complete games, not flipping through or anything) Thank you DVR!
Indy 1/1
NO 1/1
Philly 1/1
Green Bay 1/1
Wash 1/1
Mia 1/1
Chi 1/1
SD 1/1
Nyg 1/1
Dal 1/1
Cincy 1/1
Bal 1/1
Clev 1/1
Pitt 1/1
Car 1/1
Stl 1/1
SF 1/1
Ari 1/1
- I also saw decent portions of Det and Oak and a little of Sea/TB.

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