Monday, October 22, 2007

MNF Week 7

1 Unit on the Jags +3.5 (bodog)...
Don't want to go through the trouble of a write up, but here is what I see...
- Home dog
- Dog on national TV
- Jags are underrated ( I have them right there with Pitt)
- Colts ( especially defense) is way worse on road
- Game on grass favors
Jax- Del Rio coaching advantage over Fungi :)

Honestly, the Colts were a 4-4 team on the road last year that split their division 3-3. I see the Jags as being an underrated team that could capture first place tonight. I don't think the Jags win the division, but I was going to jump on the " Jags to win the NFC South futures" last week ad 7-1 because that is value. Do you remember their last meeting? The Jags pissed on the colts, shook, and then pissed on Fungys defense some more to the tune of 300 + rushing yards. Fred Taylor, that little bowling ball MJD, and even the 3rd string back toefield pissed on the colts.

Freeney did his lame little loop around the tackle, and the Jags kept taking the free yards they were given.Not only did I have this game circled with the Colts seeing their first loss... the public loves the Colts, and I love fading the public.

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