Sunday, October 28, 2007

Week 8

Week 1 3-3-1 ATS, 0-0 ML, -4.75 units
Week 2 3-4-1 ATS, 0-1 ML, -6 units
Week 3 0-0-1 ATS, 1-0 ML, +3 units
Week 4 3-2-0 ATS, 0-0 ML +7 units
Week 5 2-0-1 ATS, 0-0 ML +2 units
Week 6 4-0-2 ATS, 0-0 ML + 7 units
Week 7 1-2-0 ATS. 0-0 ML -1 unit
Season = +7.25 units

Week 8 Card
Cleveland/Rams Over 45 ( 5 units Beted)
Giants -3, Colts -.5 teaser ( 3 units)

The Manning teaser.
I know people subscribe to the theory that the Colts will stay undefeated for their showdown with the Pats, but they are in a sand which situation coming off the short monday nighter, and with the Pats to look ahead to. Carolina is a home dog, but I just don't see it. The public is eating up the Colts, and I don't know if they cover or not, but I do see them winning. I think they are an excellent team to tease today at that 7 number. I know the Colts aren't as good of a team ( especially defense) on the road, but I think they get it done today.

Eli should also hold his end of the bargain. Eli and the Giants can win on the road, and this week is a true road game to say the least. Who would you rather bet on...
Eli throwing passes to Shockey and Plax, or Cleo Lemon throwing to Marty Booker? Big Brandon Jacobs or Jesse Chatman? Giants upper echelon offensive line, or the Dolphins O-line?Sometimes you need to just keep it simple stupid.

I also like the Browns/Rams over 45. You would think this meeting of two bad defenses that this number should be at least 48. Everybody loves to bet overs when they see two good offenses, but you also have to like fading two bad defenses. The NFL can be very difficult to play offense, and sometimes all an offenses needs as a spark is a weaker defensive opponent.

The Rams should be getting back Bulger and S-Jack, and the Browns offenses had actually been decent this year. I think the Rams win/cover the 3, as their offense will look to get back into sync.

These defenses both give up 4.0 yards per carry and the Browns give up 149 yards per game on the ground while the Rams give up 129. These teams give up a combined 57 points per game, nearly 750 yards per game, and they will be playing in a dome on turf I love this over. Both offenses are good enough to move the ball, and they should be able to pass and run. I think these teams will cover this number sometime in the late 3rd quarter.

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