Thursday, November 22, 2007


It looks like Dallas is cleaning up to put me at 2-0...

I really have to credit Princeton graduate Jason Garret with the play calling in Dallas and their big offensive line. Romo and TO are getting a lot of credit ( as they should), but that strong coaching and offensive line is also quietly fueling that team. If it weren't for that coaching staff and O-Line calling good plays and blocking the guys up front, then the big plays wouldn't happen. Dallas's offense is known to be explosive and good in the passing game, but I also see them running a pretty efficient operation.

The other thing I noticed about this game was a lot of jawing in the back 7 of the secondaries. It reminds me of being a player with all that trash talking, the " I see you number 81", the big hits and the individual match ups involved in the passing game. It also reminds me that I don't like Ken Hamlin.

My final turkey day play is going to be Atlanta +13 for 1 unit

The way the odds are set up, the books peg this at about a 28-14 Colts victory. That is fine but home field advantage is going to be huge on this short week, and the Colts are on their second consecutive road game.

The Falcons have had a rough and controversial season so far, but playing well on national TV is their super bowl since the playoffs are out of the question.

I actually don't think the Falcons are THAT bad at home, and I do like Joey Harrington and that dink and dunk offense a heck of a lot more than the big lazy complainer Byron Leftwich.

I think that the Falcons could do a little better than the 13 or 14 points they are supposed to score, and I think the Colts offense has been having huge problems and they might not get to the 27 or 28 they are expected to score.

The Colts will probably try and run addai against a suspect falcons D, and the falcons will probably try and Gamble to stop the run ( because Aaron Moorehead doesn't deserve to be in the league). Throwing passes to backup tight ends can't last forever.

Atlanta +13 for 1 unit. Happy Thanksgiving as I have to work on the 4 pies we have. Coconut custard, apple crumb pie, chocolate with whiped cream and Pecan pie!

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