Friday, November 02, 2007

Notes on games

- Leon Hall burned by the Hines Ward touchdown/double move, and Santonio Holmes killed him on a 40 yard pass as well. It reminds me of Dwayne Jarret burning him in college as well.
- #59 LB for the Bengals horrible angles on reading a running play which allowed a big run
- Justin Smith running down Santonio Holmes on a reverse. Very impressive to see the big Defensive end run down the speedy receiver on that play.
- Chad Johnson had 2 key drops, and an offsides called on him ( not sure it was really him that was offsides though).
- Ike Taylor cracked Houshmanzada on a pass play.
- Palamalou made a nice pass break up on a flea flicker pass. He was trying to catch up to the wide out and rather than playing the ball, he hit the receivers hands after the catch to break the play up. It was about the only chance he had to defend the play and it worked.
- The Steelers pass defense continues to impress me with the formations, shifts, looks. The front 7 looks like a 3 man weave drill in basketball with guys stunting/moving around, and they use Palamoulou moving around at the last minute to cover hot routes.

- Quinton Gray overthrowing MJD real bad on 2 screen passes, one almost picked and costing his team 3 points. Jax ran at one point at least 11 times in a row.
- Q.Gray Completes his 3rd pass with 2 minutes left in the 3rd and all 3 were screens. He had 2 incomplete screens and many of his passes weren’t even close.
- Aaron Glen breaks off a Garcia 3 step drop on Garcias third step and makes a pick 6. Excellent play by the 14 year vet, and I thought it was unusual for Garcia to be calling a long audible like that on 1st down which signaled the pass play. Glen read the 3 step drop hot route and scored.
- Tampa reminds me of Green Bay
- Jax reminds me of Baltimore/Minnesota.
- I loved the 2nd to last play of the Game that Tampa ran. It is 3rd and 10 and the Bucs are driving down the field to try and score and win the game. Gruden sends Ike Hillard on an 11 yard out pattern and then has him turn up field. The Pro bowl DB Reggie Nelson knew to defend that imaginary 10 yardline when he gets burned on the “ up” part of the out and up. The only problem with the play was poor execution as Garcia overthrew Hillard.
- Soloman Wilcots has much love for mobile quarterbacks. At one point Jeff Garcia scrambled and he said that sometimes Jeff Garcia can be tougher to defend than Peyton Manning? Errrr what? Peyton Manning could throw for 300 yards, and Quinton Gray could throw for 100 with 15 rushing yards and Wilcots would go nuts talking about those 15 rushing yards Gray had.

- 1st down, Broncos bring Lynch down into the Box ( on a running down), and Favre hits Jones for about an 80 yard touchdown. I love the play call that says "if you stack the box and leave no safety help deep, will will attack you."
- Kornheiser keeps taking shots at Favre “ he’s been in the league 40 years”, he throws a lot of picks, he’s old, he said he was going to retire, he plays wreckless etc. Kornheiser is the anti Madden.
- I think I know why Shannihan substituted Cutler for Jake. They do run a lot of screens, bootlegs and “easier to execute” plays for a quarterback in Shannys West Coast offense. If you are going to run a lot of that stuff, then why not use the quarterback with the stronger arm and higher upside? In the more intermediate/difficult plays, Plummer made a lot of those dumb pick 6 mistakes, so Shanny probably believed he could get AT LEAST Plummer-like play from Cutler, with potentially more.
- There are a lot of fumbles in general in goal line formations. Cutler fumbled just like Garcia did last week in the Tampa/Detroit game. I believe that the tighter splits for lineman, and the fact that the center O-Line has to really fire off the ball contributes, but many times the center also steps on the quarterbacks foot which can trip him or cause a fumble. In this case, the left guard was pulling right and knocked the ball right out of Cutlers hand.
- Brett Favres wife is real hot. I don’t know why people were dogging her in the past. I think Kornheiser should have taken his joke up and been replaced by her in the booth.

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