Thursday, November 22, 2007


Week 10 Recap
- Giants -2.5 @ Detroit ( 3 units) WIN
-Chicago @ Seattle -5.5 ( 2 units) WIN
- SD @ Jags -3 ( 1 units) WIN
- Miami @ Philly -9.5 ( 1 unit) WIN
Tease: Philly -2.5, Pitt -2.5 ( 2 units) LOSS
- Giants/Lions 2nd Half Over 23 ( 1 unit) LOSS
- Deadskins @ Dallas -11 ( 1 unit) LOSS
= 4-3 ATS + 3 units

I was +3 units because my larger wagers won. I ended up adding Dallas late and I was going to add New England but I liked being up 3 units and didn't want to risk it. I guess if you want to play that game I also leaned on the Titans and didn't play them so it's ok.

Here are some recaps
-Gibril Wilson with the opening kick off tackle. It seems like Gibril Wilson and Chase Blackburn make all the special teams tackles for the Giants.
- After the debacle in Arizona last week, the Lions said they would come out and run and they did. They ran on the first play and then followed it by running 4 straight plays to open the game. Even on 1st and 20 on their next series, the Lions opened it up with a run.
- The Lions hit a 20 yard pass to Shaun Mcdonald on 2nd and 19. Is Martz going to abandon the run now?
- Brandon Jacobs on a beast 34 yard run, the Fullback Hedgecock had a huge block on the play.
- Jacobs follows with an 18 yard run in which he punished the defender and got about an additional 10 yards after contact.
- The Lions are single teaming Michael Strahan on passing downs and he just easily beat the RT for the sack.
- On a pitch right to Kevin Jones, Kevin Dockery read the play immediately and turned the run play into a rare 5 yard loss. Nice play.
- Eli is spreading the ball around by hitting 7 different pass catchers early in the first half.
- The Giants offense held the ball for so long in this game and the Lions started out running the ball that the Lions passing offense never really got into a rhythm.
- Megatron CJ had an amazing TD catch over Kevin Dockery in which he pretty much had perfect coverage. Nice play by the rook.
- Kalimba Edwards had an amazing sack on Eli when he beat the LT Diehl.
- Bad call on the Justin Tuck penalty in crunch time... Let the boys play.

- Dallas looks explosive to start off the game.
- Early snap hits Romo in the face mask and ends up costing Dallas points.
- Jason Campbell looks so mechanical and has a slow windup. It makes me think of Tim Duncan in basketball with how mechanical he looks, only Jason isn't nearly good enough to draw comparison to Tim Duncan.
- Shawn Springs has got to be the biggest corner in the NFL. He looks more like a big safety on the field, and I saw him in person at Fair Oaks mall and thought he was a linebacker. One one side the Redskins have Fred Smooth who benched 225 twice at the combine, and on the other side you have this monster corner.
- On 4th and 1 Joe Gibbs doesn't even want the measurement. Conservative Joe sends his kicker right out onto the field so that he could miss that long kick.
- If Jason Campbell is mechanical, then Tony Romo is quick. He is jittery and snappy. After watching say Eli Manning, I can tell you that Romo is so quick in his drop back, he is bouncing around, avoiding pass rush, and he throws quick too. He is quick in his drop back, quick in his throws, and even quick in his responses to reporters. The guy can afford to smile because he has done the work. It is like the guy who studied hard and shows up at the midterm without fear. Then you have the guys that didn't study and are scared as hell. Romo smiles because he is prepared.
- 3rd and 15 and Romo hits Owns on a 20 yard pass pattern for a 1st down. What would Joe Gibbs do on 3rd and 15? Screen pass, draw?
- TD to Owens was on an audible by Romo... impressive. On a side note I don't think Jason Campbell ever audibles. I have seen plays that were run rights and he knew they weren't going to work but he still didn't have the authority to audible. Sometimes coaches don't want their players to audible because they don't trust them and feel those quarterbacks will abuse the powers.
- Jason Campbell is #2 in the league in fumbles ( which artificially raise his QB rating or worth).
- Reed Doughtery with a real dumb 51 yard penalty to just grab Craytons arms.
- 3rd and 19 Romo goes endzone and hits Owens. What would Gibbs do on 3rd and 19? Being conservative is fine when you ahve a super stacked team, but how often are coaches blessed with always having a more talented team?
- TO scores his 3rd TD and dunks the ball over the goal posts. He pissed on the cover 2 defense and ran right inbetween it.
- TO is having a clinic with his 4th TD. The Redskins haven't thrown 4 TD passes to receivers all year!
- Jason Campbell was inaccurate on a lot of the non- screen pass throws. Some of them were completions, but if he led his receivers more he could have done much better.
- Jason Campbell throws the game losing pick to Terrance Newman and then complains to the Refs.
- Campbell actually had 2 chances to win the game here today and failed, and he had 2 chances to drive his team and win in Philly last week and he failed. That is 0/4. Usually a team gets 1 chance at the end of the game to go down and win it, but Campbell is 0/4 in his last 2 games when it counts.

- Eagles Flea Flicker TD called back.
- Ted Ginn with a long TD, nobody was even clost to tackling him.
- Mcnabb with his 2nd pick. Was he intending on throwing it away but it was just an inaccurate attempt?
- Feeley picked off by his former team at Goal line for the Eagles 3rd pick.
- Rich Gannon might be the best play by play guy. He announce the game like a QB and points out good stuff.
- Feeley doesn't see blitz and fumbles for 4th turnover, but it was called back for a defensive penalty.
- Eagles love that shovel pass in the red zone/ goal line situations.
- 4th and 1 and the Eagles J. Thomas stopped a run for a loss of 12.
- Eagles 4 minute offense runs the game out... This seemed like a fast game too.

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