Saturday, November 24, 2007


- Jeff Fisher and Mike Shannihan are two of my favorite coaches ( and two of the best). I find it interesting that Shanny called Fisher about a scouting report on Jay Cutler before the draft a couple of years ago.
- You can't help but root for Vince Young after hearing the piece about his father.
- Brandon Marshall continues to impress me in every Denver game I watch. He sorts of reminds me of his teammate Javon Walker. He had an outstanding block in traffic on the long HALL run for a touchdown. If it weren't for that block that play probably doesn't happen. 10 Titans were blocked and Hall sheds the tackle which allows him to scamper along for the long run. Give Shanny credit for a great play design that allows his players to succeed.
- I always liked Selvin Young in college, the guy runs the ball like he was shot out of a cannon and he should be happy he landed in Denver.
- The thing I didn't like was the ice the kicker play on a 50+ yard field goal. The kick is hard as it is so the effect of icing him probably isn't that great. Especially at the end of the half half. I think that was just coach doing what coach is supposed to do.
- I still believe that the true meaning of icing the kicker is ideally when the game is on the line, the kick is very make-able, the team is driving down the field and everybody knows that kick is coming ( people already start to ASSUME that kicker will make it). As the pressure mounts and the kicker sets up ready to be the hero or the goat, THEN you call that final time out to make him think about it some more.
- Tim Crowder and Marcus Thomas played alright for Denver.

- I was very happy that the 13 point dog comes out and starts the game off with a drive that takes up over half the first quarter and then puts 3 points up on the board. The 3 points are good, but shortening the game by cutting 25% of the first half away is good.
- I was very happy for the Falcons defensive stop, and then to have the 13 point home dog grab a commanding 10-0 lead at home.
- I routinely talk about how bad some of these announcer are. I can't stand JC Pearson, Soloman Wilcots, Tony Kornheiser, and Joe Buck but Bryant Gumbel and Chris Collinsworth have to be the worst team.
- Huge hit by A. Bethea causes first INT of Laurent Robinson catch/drop.
- Michael Boley does seem to be a young up and coming linebacker for ATL. I have heard people hyping him up and I see it. He seems to be one of the lone bright spots for the Falcons this season.
- Colts went after Rookie Falcons Corner Chris Houston, he started off OK but was exposed later in the game.
- D. Hall is overrated ( to himself) and I would never want that cancer on my team.
- Joey Harrington picked on a play where he thought Laurent Robinson was going to run the square in but he kept running deep. This is why coaches don't want to play rookie wide outs. It isn't so much about talent, but reading defenses ( yes receivers have to). Harrington will be pegged with the pick in his stats, but I'd bet that the mistake was on the rookie wide out and not the veteran QB. That play also helps illustrate the power that the Colts have had by keeping their offense together for years ( you usually don't see these mental mistakes).
- Bryant Gumbel posed the question, "Why isn't Dungy at genius?" Are you kidding me? The guy has nothing to do with the offense and the offense is why they finally won the super bowl. If you took Peyton Manning off his roster, they are a 4-12 team. If you removed Dungy from the coaching staff, Coach Manning and the Colts don't miss a beat. It is almost against my religion to admit that a player is worth more than the coach, but Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all-time and certainly worth more than the mediocre Dungy. Peyton is truly a special player.
- I had commented that this game was pegged at Indy scoring about 27-28, and the Falcons scoring 13 or 14. I thought the Falcons could outplay their expectations by a little bit ( and they started to), but the game ended up as it was intended to give me a 2-1 Turkey Day.

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