Saturday, November 17, 2007

Some more Recap

- With all that Jaguars running, it had to be the fastest first half I've ever seen. It was hand off to MJD, hand off to Fred Taylor all day long which kept the clock running and made the first half slower and boring.
- I think the five yard delay of game penalty after a player spikes the ball in combination with the no team celebration after a touchdown has resulted in more players spiking the ball after scoring a touchdowns.
- The Titans had a play where they went for it on 4th and 1 and fumbled the ball. I noticed that it seems like there are more fumbles on average in goal line formations. I saw this a few weeks ago with Jeff Garcia among others fumbling in the red zone and the trend holds true today.
- Vincent Fuller drops an easy interception from Q. Gray, he had a couple Interceptions that were dropped.
- The Jags run a fake field goal, but Michael Griffen of the Titans had a nice stop on the play.
- Is Mike Peterson the best middle linebacker in the game? He had a key interception in Titans territory, and he is always flying around the ball making plays and big hits.
- Quinton Gray gets lucky again as Chris Hope almost picked off a dumb throw into double coverage.
- The Titans look like they are in a 4-4 defense with their extra safety in the box, when the Jags call a timely end around to Northcut for 20 yards.

- Sproles running back the opening kickoff was sick and it reminded me of Devon Hester running back the opening kick of the Super Bowl. Those Colt special teams are terrible and could end up costing this team.
- Shaun Phillips intercepts a Colts screen pass for Peyton Mannings rare 2nd interception of the season.
- Sproles with the Punt return for a touch down to give the Chargers a 16-0 lead. The Colt special team coverage sucks, but Adam Vinieteri's weak kickoffs to the 10 yard line aren't helping the process.
- Marcus Harris sacks Peyton Manning and then does a back flip with his pads on.
- Antonio Cromardie picks off Peyton Manning for his 3rd interception of the game.
- The Colts were screwed on the "inadvertent whistle", but the linebacker looked slow and gassed after a 100 yard sprint.
- Gene Speretor is a good ref.
- The Colts only have 17 active players on offense???
-- Antonio Cromarties 3rd interception of Peyton Manning was a sick 1 handed grab that his bum receiver Aaron Morehead could only dream of making.
- A few weeks ago I took the Jags at home against the Colts as I thought that game would look more like this one turned out. I thought the Colts were vulnerable on the road against a team with defensive talent and run game.
- "Mr Clutch" missed a 42 yard field goal, and the Colts later go for it on 4th and 2 ( make it), and then Manning throws his 5th INT of the game.
- Perfect 61 yard punt by SD to pin Indy deep.
- I feel bad for Norv Turner. The guy is always the butt of jokes, there are always negative things said about him, and people always talk about what he "can't" do. Do people always criticize Tony Dungy like that? Norv Turner is one of the best offensive coordinators out there, but people just love to shit on this guy. Tony Fungy is supposed to be a defensive guru but his defenses are crap ( ok, maybe a little bit better this year). People don't like Norv because he isn't a yeller rah rah guy, but Tony Dungy isn't and he gets praise. Maybe if Norv had Peyton Manning people would say that he has "silent strength" instead of talking about how lax he is. Maybe if Dungy had Phillip Rivers as his quarterback we'd be talking about how bad he is as a coach.
- Aaron Moorhead dropped what could have easily been the game winning touchdown. He has to be the worst receiver in the entire league. He'd probably be worse than most teams practice squads.
- I liked a late carry by Lorenzo Neal because the entire defense keyed on LT and his movement.
- I wasn't impressed by Phillip Rivers, or Fungy's coaching at the end of the game, and "Mr Clutch" missed yet another crucial kick.

- Patrick Kerney with a sack/Forced fumble. Vernon Davis and the RB both went to block a blitzing Deion Grant and nobody blocked Kerney and he made them pay. How are the 49ers making these mistakes in week 10? One guy was supposed to block the blitzer, while the other guy needs to block the end. 2 blockers on a safety while the DE runs free to the quarterback is terrible.
- I never liked Mike Nolan as a coach, and hopefully now some people see what I see.
- San Franciscos biggest gain in offense in the first half was a 15 yard penalty. Is Norv Turner a bad coach now? That offense has fallen apart and is probably the worst in the league.
- More free Seahawks to sack Alex Smith. I understand a DE occasionally beating a tackle, but you can't keep having mental errors in pass protection. Having unblocked defenders means a higher probability of turnovers and even injury.
- I liked seeing Steve Young in the booth, he is one of the few guys that I really tune in to what he is saying. Jaws can say some decent things, but some dumb things too, but Steve Young is real smart and honest. Steve Young and Bill Parcels leave everyone in their dust as far as analysis goes.

- Jarad Cooper and Charles Tillman start a decent sized brawl after a play.
- Brian Gresie had 3 Raiders running at him on the injury play and didn't even have a chance. At that point in time he just had to brace himself. It reminded me of Rocky IV where Ivan Drago is pounding Apollo Creed and his trainer is just yelling " Brace yourself".
- Rex Grossman fumbles his first snap... How fitting.
- For the holes and blocking he is given, Justin Fargas looks pretty good. He is fast and hits his holes hard.
- Stuard Swiagart had some pretty big hits. One on helmet to helmet hit with Benson, and one big hit of Berrian on the side lines.
- Rex Grossman his Mushin Muhammad down field and he hit Berrian with the game winning TD pass. He does take risk, and many times it results in turnovers, but it does lead to reward as well. Rex Grossman isn't some big established quarterback, but he is allowed the freedoms to take risks. Many younger or unproven quarterbacks are given the game manager role, but Lovie lets Rex throw.
- JC Pearman and Matt Vascursian might be the worst play by play team in the entire NFL. JC Pearman doesn't understand football and little Matts voice cracked like he is going through puberty.
- The Raiders offense is so bad that it made the Bears weak offense look OK. The Raiders receivers were quitting on routes, the line was blowing assignments, and the only bright spot was Justin Fargas. Fargas quickness and upright running style reminds me of Reggie Bush ( and Bush reminds me of Bryan Westbrook). Fargas is probably a little more powerful than Bush, but he isn't as agile, shifty, and doesn't read the runs as well but he does remind me of Bush.

Minny/Green Bay
- I said that I thought JC Pearman and Matt Vascursian were the worst play by play team, but Brian Baldinger might have made me change my mind. Baldie is a big dumb ass that loves to hear himself speak.
- Green Bay was effective running the ball early on, but ran a lot at the edges instead of at those big Minnesota tackels.
- Adrian Peterson just runs at another speed.
- EJ Henderson had a big hit. I like him.

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