Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 10 Recap

Week 10 Card
Teaser: Browns @ Pitt -3 + SF @ Seattle -3, for 3 units (beted) = Pending
Jax @ Tenn ML = Lost 2 Units
STL @ NO Over 45.5 = Won 2 units
Minnesota +6 @ Green Bay = Lost 2 units
Eagles +3 @ Deadskins = Won 2 units
Eagles 2nd Half @ Deadskin = Won 1 unit
Detroit @ Arizona -2 = Won 2 units
Cowboys @ Giants 2nd Half -.5 = Lost 1 Unit
4-3 ATS + 2 units (with a 3 unit teaser pending)

- Pitt early turnover gives Cleveland the ball in the red zone and Bralyon Edwards had a sick TD catch.
- Hines Ward tries to one hand a ball in the End zone and ends up dropping a TD catch and costing his team 4 points as they settle for a FG.
- A 21-9 game means Cleveland converted their opportunities into 3 TDs while the Steelers had to settle for 3 field goals.
- The Browns return game with Josh Cribbs helped that team out a lot today with a TD and giving the team good field position.
- Rothlisburger scrambled well today for a couple of first downs and had that long TD run.
- Pittsburgh dug themselves into a hole today, but it was impressive to see them play ketchup at Heinz field and win.

- What the heck happened in this game that I DVRed? Quinton Gray completed 13 passes for 101 yards and the Jags put up 28 points on a solid Titans defense? I am shocked. It looks like two Vince Young picks might not have helped.

STL/NO Over 45.5
- Easy over play for me. I am not as much of a totals player but that number was too juicy to pass up for two bad defenses in a dome, and two offenses that have underperformed this season ( which held that number low).

- I taped this game too, but is it really even worth watching? Brooks Bollinger did put up OK numbers but this game was over fast and AP got knocked out of this game. What surprises me on the stat sheet is the fact that Ryan Grant ran wild all over the Vikings run defense.

- Mcnabb looked real inaccurate early on skipping a ground ball to a check down ( on a penalty) and really missing Kevin Curtis on a deep ball chance. Mcnabbs strength is his intelligence and ability to read plays, but he has had problems with his accuracy early in his career and as of late.
- Redskins safeties were playing about 25 yards deep early in the game to keep everything in front of them, and force the Eagles to execute and eat up yards.
- The Redskins pass rush looks real weak early on.
- Redskins trying running a fake smoke screen then throw down the sideline to Mccardel for an incomplete pass. Is this what that offense has come to? Running screeens and fake screens all day?
- Jason Campbell completes his first TD pass to a receiver in quarter 2 of game 9 for the Redskins. Congratulations.
- I thought there were a few bad calls against the Eagles inside the red zone. There was a touchy pass interference call on Sheldon Brown and then there was the defensive holding call late in the game where the Redskins still couldn't punch it in.
- Did the Redskins let Westbrook score that 3rd and final touchdown ala the Packers in the 98' super bowl?
- Jason Campbell and the redskins basically had 2 final drives where they had the opportunity to tie/win the game and they failed miserably both times. In general this team doesn't run a good 2 minute drill and red zone offense.
- I commented on the importance of LJ Smith and he did have a key TD catch in this game as the better team wins. The Redskins opened up the offense for once, yet they lost.

- I taped this game and didn't catch too much of it. How come when Kurt Warner spiked the ball after getting sacked we didn't see a penalty on him?
- In the limited action I saw, I was impressed by the return abilities of rookie WR Steve Breaston. Not just in this game, but the Pitt game as well, the kid can run it back.

- Brandon Jacobs is the kind of guy you want on your football team. He lays a bone crushing block on the backside of a play, and it pisses a cowboy off enough to tack on an additional 15 yards with a penalty.
- I like how Kevin Gilbride and Jared Lorenzen go over screen shots with Eli Manning after every series ( Romo was as well). I used to find it strange to see Mike Vick sitting on the bench by himself with this ticked off look in between Falcons series. I like it when teams backup quarterbacks can go over stuff as well ( like how Warner would go over stuff with Leinart in Arizona etc.) I'd much rather have a Vinny Testaverde, Gus Ferotte, or some backup quarterback looking over screen shots trying to crack the code of the defense on the sidelines as opposed to just sitting there and waiting for the starter to get hurt. Romo/Jason Garret go over stuff so well that the Cowboys have tore their opponents up in 3rd quarters of games.
- Brandon Jacobs had a play where he smashed into the defender about 5 yards down field and pushed the pile about 4 more yards to get the first down as a true "cloud of dust" running back.
- Brandon Jacobs draws a 2nd taunting penalty on the cowboys.
- Keith Davis punching Chase Blackburn on the kickoff to open up the 2nd half was dumb as it gave the Giants the ball at almost the 50 yard line.
- 83 yard Giants kick off return called back on a Kevin Boss hold. Kevin Boss wasn't even really near the returner and didn't appear to hold. It looked like the cowboy fell down but I didn't see the penalty there. Was the call on somebody else or was that just a bad call?
- Another huge call against the Giants on the Brandon Jacobs TD that was called back. I didn't see it on Snee ( that doesn't mean it didn't happen), but I also don't like how the flag was thrown after Jacobs lands in the end zone.
- Michael Johonson not tackling Marion Barber for a key 3rd and 1 stop really hurt the Giants as a couple of plays later Romo hits Owens for a 50 yard touchdown pass.
- To me Dallas answered the test, if you have any doubts about this team they were answered today. Tony Romo is the real deal and this team jumps to the class of the NFC ( even over Green Bay). It kills me because last year I had futures on Dallas to win it all, but I was once again a year early ( 2 years ago I had Seattle winning the NFC). I could bitch and wine about those 2 bad calls against the Giants, but I still think Dallas played the better game today, bad calls happen, but the Cowboys deserved to win that game. That long TD to Owens was set up because Romo chose to throw to the right guy. The safety Michael Johnson lunged at the intented target ( witten), so Romo went over top to a wide open Owens. If the safety would have played Owns then Witten would have had the big gain. Tony Romy really understands the passing game and looked damn good today.

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